National Felon League

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    Re: National Felon League

    Good post melwitt ,off topic abit is the mvie varsity blues love it but in some ways its true if you can play ball they get you off of anything just too win!!

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    Re: National Felon League


    I think it's odd ot expect guys who play a game--and a violent one at that--to be exemplars of virtuous behaviour.  Being virtuous is not why you hire athletes and it's not necessarily something that makes athletes succeed. Some might even argue that being too virtuous is a disadvantage in a sport like football.  After all, it helps to want to hurt people, to dominate others, and to be hyper aggressive.  Those personality characteristics probably fly in the face of being "nice."  

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    Re: National Felon League

    For the 40 that got arrested for pot poession they should be slapped or having it in their car. Don't they get that people follow them every where?  For example phelps having a picture taken hitting off a bong is just dumb.  Play your 5 years or so then tear it up.  The root of these problems is the  "friends". If you don't get away fom the friends then you never change. Having money changes your life. Sometimes it's to the extent you need security. Take Big Ben for example, he had a hired off duty cop with him. 

    These guys need to go to seminars about investing, anger management , nutrition and drug abuse the whole time their in the NFL.  Young men have selective memories and repetition is the best reinforcement.    

    Now you got the easy part done telling me about it.

    Does that handshaped bruise on your back hurt?