National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    In Response to Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks:
    In Response to Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks : Yes, I did. The act of filming is LEGAL. LAST TIME.
    Posted by BBReigns

    I agree that filming is legal at designated areas. The problem is the Patriots were filming in an illegal area - and are technically guilty of violating said rule, correct? Yes or No?

    Plus, you didn't define cheat.
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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    No, I am rerring to when the NFL shut down their camera from the additional angle from the sidelines.

    That's what I am referring to.

    Wrong - we are talking about the exact same thing.  The Jets were filming from an endzone position way above the field.  Many teams including the patriots do this in order to get a second and possibly third angle (if taping from both endzones).  Teams ask other teams for permission to do this and it is either granted or denied.  The Jets said they had permission.  Bill Belichick the biggest gamesmanship guy in the league said they did not have permission.  Typical.  Give me something new, Russ.  Give me something that tells me you have even the slightest idea about this.  So far you have done nothing but demonstrate a failed theory on this. 

    You'd have to ask why Rogie didn't punish the Jets in 2006. Or NE. Or any other team.

    Is this "hallucinating"?

    You do realize you are splitting hairs over camera angles, correct?

    "When you practice, anytime you practice, you try to shoot the unit from the sideline and then from the end zone behind them, so that you can see hand placement, fits, that type of thing," Mangini said. "That's how you watch practice every day. That's how you evaluate practice every day. And it's the same thing with games. You like to have that same copy because, really, that's just an extension of the evaluation."
    Earth to Russ.  Sideline means side angle (way up high).  That's what Mangini was talking about.  Coaches can't see sh*t except for opposing teams signals from field level.  Come on Russ.  Use your brain.  All you are doing is making my argument for me. 

    Even coat tail rider extraordinaire, Manboobs, is telling us right here, this is a normal procedure all NFL teams have that provides teaching and scouting information.

    No deceit, no intent, no advantage.
    Wrong.  Belichick was taping something he wasn't supposed to with a cameraman in a position he wasn't supposed to be.  Could not be any clearer. 

    Could not be any clearer.

    The simple fact is, 99% of NFL fans had no idea aboiut the ins and outs of NFL scouting procedures prior to Sept 2007.

    This element created an aura of suspicion and intrigue, which we know, the media loves.

    This spying idea is like selling sex.  It sells.  

    When the tape was stolen, Goodell was forced to act. 
    Goodell was forced to act because Belichick was probably caught twice.  Green Bay and NY after the memo went out.  If he didn't act, he would have had no credibility around the league.  Wake up russ.
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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    In Response to Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks:
    Explain what he isn't supposed to film?  It was in the memo he chose to disregard. 
    The league only specifies WHERE you can film from, not what. See the memo
    If they were concered with the what aspect, filming wouldn't be allowed from anywhere. This is a poorly conceived assumption.
    Pretty simple when you read the rule. Considering NE sent in films of teams with cameras on them and Goodell destroyed them so he wouldn't have to punish the other teams filming NE from the unspecified locations pure assumption
    , we know it's the location that is the violation that is part of the violation, also what they were filming based on the memo, and possibly being a repeat offender since the memo went out
    , not the fact teams were filming no one's ever said teams may not film.  they film the game every game.
    I am done with this for today. You lose on this topic every time.  haven't even come close.  Its been fun making you look silly, but thats an everyday occurence for you.
    Posted by BBReigns

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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    In Response to Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks:
    In Response to National Media Back on Pat's Jocks : I think you Pats fans all have a Persecution Complex. The Pats are not nearly as big a focus of the media in general and the NFL specifically as you believe they are. This year alone I would say Pats/Bellichick/Brady have been given much less attention than Favre, Vick, McNab as well as the Jets, Cowboys, Chiefs and Steelers. This Self-Importance really has got to stop!
    Posted by JintsFan

    I am a Patriots fan and a lifelong New Englander. 


    However, i call it the Napoleon complex.  Its the little big city thing.  Certain residents in this region think Boston is the universe and all should hail its mighty position.  Sad fact is, you are right.  Most parts of this country don't hate the Patriots, Red Sox, or Celtics per se; they hate their chest-thumping obnoxious fans- narcissistic and constantly complaining.

    You know what?? I'm sick of people like BBReigns myself.  He represents a misguided arrogance used to hide his own feeble life so as to look bigger than he is. Probably a 5'8" Irish descendant.  He's so wrapped up in his own mirror, he has me confused with some guy named Leon. (?)   

    Discussion headings about the national media are hilarious. People like BBReigns hate them when they are perceived to dislike your team, and quote them (call them rational of all words) when they seem to side with your team.  Simply put, BBReigns wants 24/7 love because he loves his laundry 24/7.  You can't argue with people like him because they are so blinded by a loyalty that is a one-way street, they will defend murder if the results meant a winning team.

    My biggest issue with boneheads like BBReigns is that they exist at all.  None were around prior to 1993.  Oh they say they were, but front-running New Englanders rarely do stick by their teams (refer to 1997-2007 Boston Bruins)  Its pointless to even argue with them.  Just pet them on the head, tell them how precious they are, and ignore the bleep out of them.  He doesn't represent me, nor could keep up if I wanted to get into a debate. As evidenced, he can't. 

    In the end who cares what the national media says or does not say!  There is no conspiracy. People just don't care about your team like you, little BBReigns.  They really don't. Sorry. 
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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    Jints - As you know this is also a problem.  If the pats are not being fawned over in the media then they are being disrespected.  

    With pats fans, the media is damned if they do and damned if they don't. 

    Its true!  I don't understand the obsession!  Love the Patriots, be a fan.  Just don't act all high and mighty.  Its pretty simple.

    Having said that, I want to beat Indy bad!!  We need the home field for this team in 2010.
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    Re: National Media Back on Pat's Jocks

    Lurker - I understand the sentiment.  Among some of the pats fans here, a colts win in Foxboro would quiet some critics.  That said, I am a little worried.  NE is playing great team football and taking advantage of its breaks.  I just feel like Indy is squeaking by, and I don't know how healthy the team gets in the next 2 weeks. 

    We all want our team to achieve and we want the recognition, but comments to the contrary have to be taken with a grain of salt.  Pundits (and pundit former players even moreso) are also fans.  Could they skew their analysis?  Sure.  Its human nature.  The question is when they offer their offending analysis, have they said anything that is untrue. 

    All in all, there will never be 100% agreement (unless its the 07 pats among analysts - and I don't even know if that is true).  For example, unless the colts are playing one of the 5-10 worst teams in the league, I can generally count on Keyshawn Johnson to pick against the colts. 
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