NBC SPORTS: "Tony Dungy has been a BIG distraction!" in the meantime...

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    NBC SPORTS: "Tony Dungy has been a BIG distraction!" in the meantime...

    not a beep from Michael sam.. not just PR, his teammates and coaches legit like the kid.. in shape, strong motor, shows up on time, puts the work in.. first in, last out. his body has been transformed. I c nothing but greatness from sam.. may start on special teams but he aint ending there. injuries happen, IRs happen, trades happen.. once sam starts or plays he aint leaving the rotation.. he's been anything but a distraction to those actually there.. only the outside jabro brigade. unlike tebow, even his talks with the media are designed to deflect and tone stuff down. his response to dingy dungy was classic.. start with a sincere joke, "guess he wouldn't have drafted me".. then on to how great dingy dungy is, bla bla.. nothing to start negative drama.. rinse and repeat, back to football.. as it was in freakin Missouri when allknew! think bout that, kid can play as open gay in Missouri as college guy, cant as pro? will b protected big time! guess what else.. he could have played under bb and new England as well without a beeeep! just like buckley with herald, who cares...

    from all I've read sam has been able to hold his standing or top position regardless of how many guys try to bend him over in practice, he's been able to penetrate the gaps with great speed and with great force, and he's been able to  make explosive moves on all the tight ends put in front of him.

    all leads me to nbc sports and dingy dungy. I was  reading tea leaves with that quote. gays are a major consumer block, how much more do they want a face or the ear of their football brand out their alienating peeps esp stars of certain communities.. give me a break. sam has more wiggle room than dingy dungy.. bet like kirk minahane, dingy dungy has been put on strict secret probation. like fox-noise self-projection.. everything dingy dungy has said about sam can easily b said about him. his nbc employers have to answer for all his dumps and clean stuff up... too much drama.. an ex-coach who cant play and is hardly a john madden (wont b missed) can certainly be cut and fired without a ratings drop! heck, will b a ratings bump esp if they hire a true Patriot like Bruschi in that role or Parcells!


    "Bringing Boston-Strong vodka to team-hating jabronis and da Comrade-Soft Kool-aid Party!"


    ..and that's da Bawston SPORTS bottom line for the Commy says so!




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    your nuts

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    what about his nuts?