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Need FF help!!!

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    Need FF help!!!

    W/r Slot is so shaky and this is what i have.

    Crabtree vs seahawks = not good first game not good but diff qb now

    David wilson bench = bradshaw most likely is back

    Brian hartline bench vs buffalo = questionable to start and didn't do go against them earlier

    Shane vereen vs ridley's fumbles and late in season = could be big factor though i suspect woodhead to lead carries.


    right now its sad to say but crabtree owned the pats with some luck last week and edged me in the win to stay alive in the playoffs.  david wilson i started and it was a bad idea.

    crabtree to start is my opinion but i dont like the matchup

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    Re: Need FF help!!!

    Crabtree looks like your best, but not a great option.  He's had an unreal amount of targets the past 4 weeks from Kaepernick, but the bad news is Sherman isn't starting his suspension yet.