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Need help getting caught up so far...

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    Need help getting caught up so far...

    Been away for a long while, work has been a .... but back, here's how I see the team so far let me know what I'm missing.


    QB - TB12 enough said

    RB - Loaded with depth and all size, shapes and speeds, Vereen will have monster year taking some of Danny and Hern duties as a pass catcher.

    S - DM all set and even though there's still competition for starter guys there will make this a good backend of secondary

    LBs - Solid starters nice depth behind them, stud coverage rookie hope develops

    DEs - Stud one end, serviceble vet on other and a bunch of different guys in competition

    OTs - L and R set looking at depth

    THE SPOTS THAT WTH! is going on bobby!

    WR - DA impressing, AD looks like could be the real deal, Joyce ???, Edelman no change hurt again and now two unknown WRs who I've been reading might be a very nice surprice Thompkins and Aiken are impressing on daily basis is that accurate?  So young inexperienced but a bunch of molds for Brady to shape could be the down fall or the start of Brady's most impressive year  ???

    DT - very light where's the depth?

    CB - what the hell happened here?  thought when Alib signed they were set now one arrest another made out of glass can't stay healthy and all of the sudden not so sure and two rookies struggling might need more time.

    TE - One headed to trial for taking a life, another who hasn't learned that all he does in offseason takes a toll on his body needs to learn to do the right thing for his body, another coming of ACL and some unknown, a rookie who I'm hopping turns into something good and some serviceble vets

    OG/OC - Think OC but is depth?  Mankins and I know this might be negative but he's been overated last few seasons hasn't been the same guy sorry just way I see it.  Connolly injured for how long?  Cannon moving inside?  


    that about sums it up?  Biggest area of concern to me, interior OL, need to keep Brady clean.

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    Re: Need help getting caught up so far...

    Look what the cat dragged in!   Good to see ya Bro! 

    Fells looks to be a decent replacement for Gronk until he returns and Sudfeld has looked good. WR's have been a pleasant surprise but they are still rookies. I like the fact that noone is talking about D.A. who has just been quietly killing it. The safety is a logjam of Jags with one dynamic player in DMC. A.W. should help on early downs and we hope Gregory is in position. The reach brothers T.Wilson and D. Harmon are on the bubble. I like J.Collins and Kembrell Thompkins as being the most impact players on offense and defense that noone expected. Cant wait till Friday. Welcome back


    "Take care of my B*tch, I may need her back in a couple years"

    Brady to Manning after Wes signed with Denver

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    Re: Need help getting caught up so far...

    Thanks glad to be back, been keeping tabs on transactions but not as I'm used to.  Friday will be great, I hope to see a few drives with first team on the field see these new WRs.

    The reach boys need to step up, be a shame to get a couple of ST guys from a 2nd and 3rd round.  The rook still early but not looking good, this might be for both red shirt year but who do you get rid off?  





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