I'm sorry but I don't understand why we won't give Ridley a shot in the shotgun/pass protect role? Woodhead getting 15 carries for 34 yards was killing drives, and if not for Brady and his amazing 3rd down accuracy Woody would have really screwed us. I know he had the td, but honestly it was because the Ravens couldn't believe we were going to keep running him when he was getting shut down all game.


I agree with the game plan of spreading the ravens out, but I wish we could have used Rid in that role. Ridley has the power and explosion that Woody has none of, and we were running him into a ravens wall? The 2nd and long we ran Woody on our 2nd to last drive really blew my mind, we settled for the FG when we needed to ice the game. I like that McD is bringing back a run game and different formations, but Woodhead and his inefficiency has cost us the last 2 games...imo.


Hope to see Vareen healthy soon.