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Little perspective, there is a reason a guy with his size and athletic ability made it to the back of the 2nd in an top end weak WR class. He wasn't overly productive in college, had trouble gaining separation in college at times, is very raw, and didn't face top end DB's in college. Now, he's got a ton of potential but lets not pretend he's an elite talent coming out of the draft. IMO he's got high enough upside to be a 'Z' flanker with #1/2 ability and a red zone threat teams have to account for. Essentially an upgrade to Lloyd without the locker room issues. But, he also has the potential to be another Price never living up to his capability. Now in my opinion he's closer to the former then the latter but lets hold of with both sides of the extremes until he gets his first 50recs in the NFL please. BTW I love Troy but best ever? 


Agree, he didn't have a lot of production in college but could that be due to the QB's they had distributing the rock.


I am not saying he is a sure thing but at least he has the measurables and intangibles they were looking for.

This is definitely the case with Boyce.  TCU's QB stunk last year.  A better qb and he would have put up much better numbers.