NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

    "a perennial Pro Bowler"


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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

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    "a perennial Pro Bowler"


    When debunked, that was followed with "The Pro Bowl is a stupid popularity contest, Dumbstein."

    Will the comedy here ever end?

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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

    For the life of me, I cant see how or why Tebow would make the team. Then again, BB and McD think they're the smartest guys in the world. One of those morons drafted Tebow in round 1...

    There are 32 reasons not to throw the deep ball against the New England Patriots this season, they all end in "Because Devin McCourty will INT it".

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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

    The Patriots will have several players force hard decisions. If Bolden is healthy is he a better option than Blount? Or if Winn comes and runs for long gainers does he beat out both of the aforementioned? The Secondary also could have a few surprise newcomers, If Dennard is headed to prison then Morris,Harmon,Logan Ryan and Dowling will battle it out. Don't sleep on the other DB out of Rutgers Brandon Jones. The WR position is really an area where all different types of scenarios could take place. Other than Amendola and possibly Jenkins the rest of the guys will be fighting it out for their roles on this team.Dobson,Boyce, Thompkins, Harrison, and the other guys will have a great competition. My sleepers include Sudfeld or Ford, Armstead, Winn and Thompkins where the rest fall in is anybody's guess. Tebow will make this team.

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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

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    Quarterbacks (2)
    Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett, He was joking here... right?

    Running Backs (4)
    Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Leon Washington, Bolden

    Tight Ends (5)
    Rob Gronkowski, Jake Ballard, Daniel Fells, Michael Hoomanawanui, Zach Sudfeld

    Wide Receivers (6)
    Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, Julian Edelman, Kenbrell Thompkins, Matthew Slater



    - The WR position, although inexperienced, is much faster and more dynamic than last year.

    True, and more physical...  I'd like to root for Jenkins and it's very likely he makes the team but we'll only be let down when he gets hurt in the first 1/3 of the season.  Thompkins is a long shot to make the team but there's always one who makes Belichick's roster that's a head scratcher, the injury to TJ Moe makes this possible.

    Almost two days after I post this Mike Reis says:

     These Boston beat writers need me...

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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

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    What a moron.

    Even with Hernandez now gone, that's one of the best drafts of the past 15 years, hands down, at least since 1996 and the Ravens draft of Ogden (no brainer pick) and Ray Lewis. Hey, just think, if Brady doesn't melt down in SB 46, Hern goes to prison with a ring!  bwahaha

    I love when you walk into walls and how these things always come back around into your face.

    Anytime you can get an out of the gate HOF talent out of the draft, that's a very good or great draft.

    McCourty, Spikes, Gronk, Mesko. Very good players or great players.



    A corner turned safety, a questionable talent, an often injured tight end and a kicker.



    If that's one of the best drafts in the past 15 years, they should cancel the draft all together.

    Do you want to see what one of the best drafts by a team in the last 15 years looks like?  Go to San Diego, 2005:

    Merriman, Castillo, Jackson, Sproles

    That's a great draft.  Injured players, players who can't play their position, average players and kickers don't a great draft make.

    Merriman and Castillo? Each are roid cases and had very short careers for that reason. Sproles is an electric scatback, but limited as a 3rd down kind of role player and punt returner. Good player.  Jackson, good WR, but now wildly overpaid and with some issues with ego. 


    If Hernandez wasn't such a thug, clearly and VERY clearly, NE's 2010 draft was an A+ draft. It's now more like an A- draft instead, otherwise.

    Merriman or Castillo aren't HOF players like Gronk is.  Sproles is a scatback. Very good 3rd down back, but not an every down player or a HOF player like Gronk is so far. Vincent Jackson is a good player.  I still think NE's draft is superior because of Gronk.  I could easily cancel out Hernandez's nice 3 years here with what Merriroid provided in SD. Each is flawed for different reasons.  When was Merriroid's last great year? 2007? So, he had 3 nice years like Hernandez. Ok, but that doesn't help your case if those cancel out (for differing reasons).

    But, the Gronk, McCourty, Spikes, Mesko (very good punter) list is superior on paper.  You have 3 3 down players one GREAT, HOF caliber, and 2 very good 3 down players and a guy is easily a top 3 punter in the AFC every year the last 3 years.     Quality and consistent punters are hard to find.  Oakland and Buffalo have had great coverage units for years (as have we) with Leclhle and Moorman being so good at what they do. Castillo and Merriroid owe their entire careers to anaboolic steroids which is why their bodies broke down so fast.   FAIL for a counter argument.

    Gronk, McCourty and Spikes are not "average" players either. See, you try to sneak in a word that you think will stick and it just won't work.

    Next to Deion Sanders, McCourty has one of the all time best rookie campaigns in NFL history as a LCB.  You're not All Pro as a rookie starting along 4 other rookies on D, and be deemed "average".


    oh boy....Undecided


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    Re: NEPD weighs in on the roster decisions

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    Enough with that crap already in every thread.



    The epitome of irony here dumbkoff. EVERYBODY on this board knows well what I mean without the need to state it.


    Hey BABY-show your true colors because you are not a Pats fan-why dont you call BB and ask him if you can draft the next 10 years of players - know-it -all!!!