New England Draft Needs

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    Other areas of need...

    1) TE - Gronk should return this season, but his status is iffy and we have no quality behind him (sorry Hooman). We would be wise to look at CJ Fed or Troy Niklas - two big Gronk-lite clones in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds. Amaro doesn't impress me. Ebron isn't worth trading up for. Lyerla is a knucklehead.

    2) DE - Chandler and Nink cannot play 90%+ of snaps again. Another rusher must be added. Whether it be a FA, a draft pick, or Bequette/Buchanan ... improvement is needed here. Crichton, Murphy, M Smith, and Clarke are guys I have my eyes on.

    3) DT - Now with Kelly and Vince restructured, we have starters. Siliga, Jones, Vellano, and Armstead should compete for depth behind them. But there isn't a true long term solution in the bunch. I expect their first pick to be DL. Look for Nix, Tuitt, or Hageman here. I do not like D. Easley. Don't get the NEPatriotsDraft obsession with him.

    4) OL - Covered above...

    5) LB - Mayo, Collins, and Hightower form the unit, but depth is needed behind them with Spikes and Fletcher gone. It is tough to say how early of a pick will be used to supplement this unit, but a coverage backer could be useful to supplement Hightower on passing downs. Look for Shazier, Attoachu, T smith, Kirksey, borland, and Skov here.

    6) WR - Edelman, Amendola, LaFell, Dobson, Thompkins, Harrison, and Boyce are functional, but this unit could still use a dynamic threat. It certainly isn't the teams biggest need, but Kelvin Benjamin does intrigue me. Especially if he could function in a role similar to Hernandez. Early Round Option: Benjamin. Middle Round Option: B Coleman, Allen Robinson (B O'B Penn State connection). Late Option: TJ Jones

    7) RB - Ridley is certainly talented, but the fumbles/confidence are a concern. Vereen is a pass catching packup. Bolden is a mix of both. A rock pounder could be added to the group. Alfred Blue maybe?

    Other Commentary

    QB - If Mallet isn't going to be traded (I don't think he will be), then I would only expect a late round developmental guy (Mettenberger to stash on IR or T. Savage)

    CB - Revis, Browner, Dennard, Arrington, Ryan is a quality unit

    S - Could potentially use the "Thumper", but AWilson is still on the roster. McCourty, Harmon, AWilson, T Wilson, Chung, Ebner form a functional unit.

    K/P/LS - All set here. I knew Ghost would rebound. Eat crow to all the Ghost haters from last offseason. Allen came out of nowhere to steal Mesko's job and did well. Aiken resigned.

    PR - Edelman = All set



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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    In response to stars81's comment:

    Check out

    They have a pretty good breakdown of New England's needs.

    I  got a 404 - Page not found

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    Like to find another Seymour, Hageman my guy. Speed and Length at LB's. This team needs to pick up team speed, have to force more 3 and outs. Smart hard hitting Safety. Still say Brains more important than anything at this position.
    Not sold on Benjamin, I would like to add Speed at the Wideout. Always could use a O-Lineman.
    There is no order how to Draft, just have to find the guys, you feel best with when you Draft.
    Drafting a TE in 1st round would be a fail for me. You can find guys at this position, just need the Scouting.

    More and more I watch the Goodell era, 3rd down coverage LB's are essential. We have Collins, who impressed me, need another.

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    In response to ATJ's comment:

    Apologies to do those who do but I see absolutely zero need to draft a w/r in any of the first 3 rounds.  Pats needs include, IMO, TE, OG, DT, LB in that order.

    Yeah, our crew strikes fear into every DC in the league.

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    Wide receivers tend to blossom from rookie year to second year.  If Dobson was marginal last year, he'll be at least at the NFL average this year.  The same goes for KT and for Boyce. 

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    3 players from Rutgers

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    1st...A pass rushing DE or OLB


    3rd..Interior DL who can collapse the pocker as well as defend the run

    4th..coverage LB


    6th..Speedy WR



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    Re: New England Draft Needs

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    In response to Bradysgirlforreal's comment:

    In response to OlderbutWiser's comment:






    who replaces Spikes and Fletcher?

    Mayo and Hightower 

    Doesnt answer the question -- wheres the depth? Spikes Mayo and Hightower were all starters and Fletcher was a special teams regular-answer the question-thought you were smarter Phil?

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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    TE, can't rely on Gronk. Sorry.

    DT,DE, wilfork & Kelly won't be here next season. 

    OG & WR.


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    Re: New England Draft Needs

    I put DT first, with OLB not too far behind. Shore up the defense to start. 

    After that, I think we need someone to catch the ball--an all-round TE preferably, but if a better WR is available than TE, I think you go with the WR.

    Next I think interior O line, though if the right players are available this could be the first or second pick too.

    Finally, we need depth at DE, TE/WR (whichever we don't pick earlier), and RB.  Safety is a nice to have, but I think we probably try to get by with who we have given the quality and depth we have at corner. 

    A developmental QB is a possibility with Mallet's contract ending. 

    What we actually end up with is going to depend a lot on who's available when we pick, so we could end up with a DE or safety first and some of the higher priority guys later.  But if the cards fall right, I'd like us to end up with one front-seven player and one ball-catcher (TE/WR) or interior O lineman with our top-two picks.  After that, it's more of a crap shoot, so we just take the best available in positions of need, I think.