New England's Overall Defensive & NE's Cornerback vs. NYJ's Wideouts play...

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    New England's Overall Defensive & NE's Cornerback vs. NYJ's Wideouts play...

    How bad is NE's Defense?

    A:  They are so bad that NE's Defense held The NYJ's Offense to 13 points throughout the 1st 3 Quarters of play (consecutively, NE's Offense scored a grand total of 10 points throughout the 2nd...and 3rd...and 4th Quarters).  

    NE's D is so very bad that NE's Defense & starting #1 CB helped out the team, by single-handedly being responsible for 9 of NE's 26 points (Safety & KR for a TD).  They are so bad that NE's TD scoring CB on a subsequent KR, fumbled the ball leading to a NYJ's field goal, and thus only placing a net sum total of only 6 points from their own side of the ball, on NE's final scoreboard tally.  

    And in particular, NE's CBs are so atrocious that out of Mark Sanchez's 28 completions out of 41 Attempts for 328 yards, NE's CBs vs The NYJ's WRs only were responsible for 11 of these total completions for 175 yards (against the NYJ's WRs alone-Kerley, Hill, & Schilens), WHILE 10(!) of Sanchez's incomplete passing attempts were on direct targets of any 1 of these 3 WRs & btw, intercepting another one of these passes (not amongst the 10 direct incompletions), offering up a grand total of NE's CBs vs The NYJ's WRs in relation to Sanchez's stat-line of:  11 Completions...out of 22 Attempts (i.e. 11 comp. + 10 incomp. + 1 INT that I did not count amongst the incomp. category=22)...for a whopping "team-killing" 175 yards 0 TDs and 1 INT (IF it helps you any, Dustin Keller was covered by anyone from Spikes, to Hightower, to McCourty, to Cunningham believe it or I honestly dnk RE: Keller's TD, IF it was on DMC or some NE CB, chalk up the 1 TD; ALL I know is that the vast majority of Keller's YACs and receptions were when he was covered by NE LBs <go look if ya need a refresher>.


    Question:  Is NE's Defense the worst in the entire National Football League?

    Question:  Are NE's CBs the worst CB squad to have ever played in The National Football League?


    Extra Point Question:  Do ya wanna know the difference between 2012 Mark Sanchez & 2012 Tom Brady...?




    answer:  Mark Sanchez has the accuracy enough to hit his passing targets on their numbers while in full-stride...

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