new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

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    So, where is a defender supposed to tackle? Can't tackle high and can't tackle low? Why not just make it flag football?

    Gronk probably has 5 feet of body length between his head and his knees.  A normal player 4-41/2 ft. That's not a big enough target especially when you are of the same height or in that safe range?  Every player knows where a first down marker is and can stretch to hit it.  They can avoid the knees, too, if they want to.  He obviously didn't want to.  The only way to eliminate that is take it out of the game with a fine and suspension to follow.

    Ya, let's just go for the lower 15% and be done with it.  Perfect...

    I don't think it's coincidence that a lot of the elite players get taken out this way.  That's the second time he's been injured with below the knees, crap.

    Knees are not made to be slammed backwards or sideways,

    They should make a ruling that if you launch yourself head (helmet) first at someone's knees or head you will automatically be suspended without pay and  out  of the league as  until the player is fully recovered from his injury..  you can be sure that will put an end to this nonsense quickly.

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

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    Okay, once again, can someone please tell me how to take down a guy like Gronk by going high? It's just not going to happen. He will run you over...period.

    You want to tackle someone, you are supposed to wrap up their legs, and stop them from moving. Some guys wrap up with a perfect form tackle. A lot of smaller guys like the DBs have been diving at the legs of the ball carriers for years trying to knock their legs out from under them. I personally think it's a bad way to tackle, but it happnes on almost every play.

    I think Ty Law and Troy Brown most likely know more than anyone here on this forum. They are bost very respected players. The both said this was a clean hit. Sorry but I'll take their word over anyone's here that the hit was clean.

    Yes it sucks, but this is reality in the NFL. If they put any more rules in about tackling, they will be wearing flags in a few years.


    Players today are bigger, stronger, and faster. And, defnders can't shoot 'em either. Their jobs are on the line too, and their play is reviewed in post game film sessions. Yes, the NFL has brought this down to this issue. But, fear not! We'll have a SB outdoors in the elements of the Northeast! Imaine a game played under Sunday's conditions? Sorry, but NO ONE will ever convince me that this would be the best thing the NFL can present as their crown jewel of a game. Try telling the Saints,  should they get there, that the conditions may be beyond poor, but it'll be fun to watch on TV.

    exactly. NO rules will help. Emphasis of rules is what got us here in the 1st place. If a players doesnt want to get concussions they should quit football. It was fine as far as im concerned. We have more info now. Players can choose to be rich and play or live a normal life like me. They chose this life. Goodell just needs to stay out of it as he is the reason for all these knee injuries. Players have expressed they would rather get a head injury and sit out a week than a year. They spoke  on it and its THEIR future.

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

    As I always have said, the only rule that will work is a "you break him, you bought him" rule.  In a league where diving at the knees is always done by offensive players on every snap, in a rule where roughing the passer after he throws the ball is a deliberate tactic, and in a league where mass mayhem breaks out after the outcome of a game is decided so penalties are useless (see the first Jets-Pats game for example), teams must be penalized with draft picks walking from the aggressor team to the victim team when their guys are deliberately (or only semi-deliberately) injured.  Figure out what a guy is worth to a team by how much he plays and the length of his remaining contract.  Also, double these penalties during the playoffs.

    Finally, too many players are making their personal fouls when the penalty doesn't count.  Find a way to make the penalties count against the aggressor team.  A game misconduct penalty at the end of a game should carry halfway through the next week's game if needed.

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

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    I'm all for a football "strike zone"

    but seriously OSHA would never let any other industry get away with allowing workers to be exposed to such a high level of preventable injuries. 

    Are you saying OSHA should oversee professional sports?

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

    I think we forget what sort of athletic freaks NFL players are. Most of us cannot comprehend the combination of size and speed, especially since we really only see it relative to the other freaks on the field.


    I once read a description of an NFL linebacker which I found to be pretty apt.. He's the guy, who, when he was in high school, would win the state championship in wrestling at heavyweight (220-285 lbs) in the winter and follow that up in the spring by winning the 100 meters at the state track meet.


    A split second earlier or later means Gronk's foot isn't planted and at most he probably has a bruise.

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    Re: new GRONK rule coming from Goody?

    Why not require titanium knee braces for all players?  If I was an owner, that would be in every contract.

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