New Mock 2011

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    Re: New Mock 2011

    Just 2 QB's taken? I think not.
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    Re: New Mock 2011

    Good point.  Maybe 2 is a stretch - but who's taking the other QB(s), and where?  The teams I have needing QBs:  AZ, MIN, CAR, SEA, SF.  And this is a bad QB class - I can't see teams taking QBs high when they have other big needs.

    Maybe Newton and/or Mallet slide into Rd1, but I think between Mallet's Bowl performance and Vince Young - Cam Newton comparisons, those 2 slide out.

    If there are trades, maybe there could be 3 QBs.  But not now.  CAR isn't taking a QB at #1, and IMO AZ won't justify taking Gabbert or Locker at #5.

    The QB picks then all hinge with the #7 pick and SF, and my bet is the rumors of McNabb are true and more sensible with new coach and GM, then they take inventory and grab a QB in RD2/3 that they could develop under McNabb.

    If they take Gabbert there at 7, maybe Locker slides up to MINN and then Newton/Mallet are there for SEA at #21 or wherever they pick.

    Of course if there are trades, it's all moot...
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    Re: New Mock 2011

    Due, there already one on the forum: