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new mock draft

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    new mock draft

    In the FA we should go after Westbrook, Jason Taylor, and Crumpler.

    Round 1 (traded)

    Brandon Marshall WR (Denver Broncos)     for the 22nd pick in this year’s draft

    Round 2

    Jerry Hughes OLB (TCU)

    Rob Gronkowski TE (Arizona)

    Jared Veldheer OT (Hillsdale) Height: 6-8   Weight: 315

    Round 4

    Vince Oghobaase DE (Duke)     HT: 6'6" | WT: 300

    -Disruptive at the point of attack, does a nice job finding gaps and getting into the backfield
    -Plays with appropriate pad level, good lower-body strength makes him a valuable run stuffer
    -Very athletic given his frame, shows surprising agility, initial quickness and lateral movement
    -Uses his hands well to fend off blockers and make the tackle
    -Can tie up multiple offensive linemen
    -High football IQ
    -Started every game in his career prior to this season's injury
    -Would be best off as a 3-4 defensive end, but has enough size as strength to fit in a 4-3

    Round 5

    O'Brien Schofield OLB/ILB (Wisconsin)  

    He tore his ACL during Senior Bowl practices.  He was a solid 2-3 round pick prior to the injury.  Now he could go 6-7 round or undrafted.  Schofield projects to ILB in the NFL.  He states he's 6-2+, 245-250.  He claims during a Junior Pro Day he ran a 4.43 in shorts on field turf, a school record.  Officially his 40 is 4.63 which is still pretty decent.

    Obviously he will need a year to recover and return to form but maybe he'd be worth a 6-7th rounder, let him sit out and learn while he rehabs.  If he returns to form in 2011, it would be such a nice gain hopefully like what we hope happens with McKenzie this year. 

    Round 6

    Perry Riley OLB (LSU)

    Round 7

    Zoltan Mesko P (Michigan) or Jeremy Boone P (Penn State)

    Richard Dickson TE/FB (LSU)

    Chris Marinelli OT (Stanford)

                    He has the versatility to play guard or tackle at the next level, thanks to his intelligence, size, strength, foot speed and nasty streak. That's a lot of things for NFL offensive line coaches to like

    Curtis Steele RB (Memphis)

    Patrick Stoudamire CB (Western Illinois)

    Trindon Holiday WR/KR (LSU) 5-5, 162, 4.27 small but extremely fast with good hands.

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    Re: new mock draft

    I like that set up minus crumpler.
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    Re: new mock draft

    Jerry Hughes is moving up in most mocks I see, he'll go in the 1st round. Throw in a running back instead Gerhart or Blount and I'd be happy. Drsulli good job.
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    Re: new mock draft

    as you can see with this mock I am working on rebuilding the lines while ensuring that we keep playmakers at certain positions (marshall, Gronkowski). I too believe that Hughes is a player whose skills are starting to be noticed, however I do not think a team would select him in the first. As for the RB position I do really like Gerhart however I feel that if we wait on getting a RB till next year (Ingram with oaklands pick) and instead selct players on the lines so that by the time he is drafted they will be trained into the system it will make Ingram more effective. 
    Additionally I didn't think maroney was that bad (except for the goal line drops) With the addition of a FB and Curtis Steele (the RB I did choose) I feel that we will have an acceptable RB stable for this next year.  Maroney is starting to run like he did his rookie year and another year in the system will help him alot.
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    Re: new mock draft

    And supposed the Broncos don't want to part with Marshall?  I personally don't see Denver letting him walk and are only dangling him out there to see if a team in the top half of the first round bites (at which point they might consider him leaving).
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    Re: new mock draft

    Westbrook is done.
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    Re: new mock draft

    if you add a poison pill into the contract offered to marshall ("If marshall plays one game for Denver his salary increases to 20 million") denver won't have a choice, plus McDaniels is in Denver and doesn't care for marshall, I'm sure If BB wanted marshall McDaniels would grant him this request for the opportunities Belichick afforded him. 
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    Re: new mock draft

    Haha I don't think that's exactly how the poison pill works, but I'm sure if they decided to use it, they'd force Denver to move him.
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    Re: new mock draft

    I could see signing Jason Taylor,Crumpler and another player but I can't see the Patriots buying Marshall even as good of a WR as he is,he is a time bomb just waiting to implode. If you said OT,OLB,DE,TE and WR with their first 5 picks I would wholeheartedly agree,I think the names are interchangeable...Like I always say never say never where BB is concerned,so trades are possible!
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    Re: new mock draft

    anyways acquiring Marshall from denver and forcing the trade wouldn't be an issue