New Orleans in 2013

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    New Orleans in 2013

    Excited for 2012, Healthy Spikes, Ras-I Dowling, Vereen, Seabass… Plus another year for Solder, Cannon, Ridley… Two first round draft picks… Gronk and Hernandez just getting better… if that is possible…  Tough loss but I am up for a trip to New Orleans next February. Site of where it all started…

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    Re: New Orleans in 2013

    Totally Agree!  NYC in 2014, then Glendale, AZ after that.  BB needs to spend some money though on key FA's on the Defense! plus get Brady a serious #1 WR, plus a RB which defenses have to gameplan for!  We haven't had one since Dillon (plus the last time we won anything!)....