NEWS ALERT!!!!! YES network and The Fan report on breakings news for the Jets

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    NEWS ALERT!!!!! YES network and The Fan report on breakings news for the Jets

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    NEWS ALERT !!!!

    Emergency Assistance personel had to respond to a 911 call from the Yets team bus today after the team had been stuck on the bus without food or water for several days after the failed to get in proper formation and execute the exit the bus in the single file play Buddy Ryan had drawn up days ago when the team was returning from a scrimmage game. After 3 desperate days of coach Ryan trying desperatly trying to come with a play that would work that was compounded by having someone lock the bus door from the inside and could not find the keys. The emergency rescue culminated the end of a very bad week for the team that was coming after a dissapointing tie after the teams scheduled scrimmage game with the New York Upperstate School for the blind and disabled. Jets fans already upset that coach decided to run the clock out with 1:30 left and the score tied 0-0 giving the reason that he didn't want to risk his starters getting hurt trying to win a scrimmage game. Adding to the dissapointment for Yets fans was that the UNYSBD team bus had mechanical problems and didn't get to the stadium until the game had actually eneded.

    The news isn't all bad for Yets fans as the team signed 2 former top two overall picks Ryan Leaf and Lawrence Phillips to bolster the so far unproductive offense.

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