NFC playoffs

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    NFC playoffs

    I have a question about the NFC playoff picture.  It seem pretty clear that Philly, Atl, NO, Chi, and a dredge from the west will make it.  That leaves one playoff spot available.  There are the Giants at 9-5 with a 3 conference losses, GB at 8-6 with 4 conference losses, and TB at 8-6 with 4 conference losses.  Lets say that GB beats the Giants next week and they all win the rest of their games.  That would make a three way tie at 10-6 with 4 conference losses for all.  Who gets the last qualifier?

    Of course TB has NO in the last game and GB has Chi then, while the Giants only have Washington.  The other one for TB is Seatle this week.  If it winds up in a two way tie between GB and the Giants with GB winning this week, then of course it becomes GB because of head to head.  Considering how much I "love" the Mannings, that would be great.
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    Re: NFC playoffs

    Giants would get in, i don't see TB or GB winning last game of the season.
    I think Bears are gonna become the hot team in the NFC, and nobody will get by their defense in the NFC-they make the super bowl  
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    Re: NFC playoffs

    Green Bay may not be as dead as it appears. The Bucs aren't gonna hang, and if the Pack can take out Blue New Jersey at home, they'll have a chance to punch their own ticket against the Bears (also at home), who I believe are an optical illusion.

    In an odd bit of irony for Pats fan, the Bears snuck by Green Bay 20-17 earlier this season by taking advantage of a team-record 18 penalties against the Pack. Will that happen again at Lambeau?

    I'm thinking . . .   no.

    If that three-way tie thing happens, I would imagine there would be some convoluted "strength of victory" tiebreaker which would likely evict Tampa Bay, as they've matched up against the NFC West . . .  but I'm not going to bother figuring all that out.

    If there's some way to eliminate both Green Bay and Blue New Jersey, I'm all for that.

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    Re: NFC playoffs

    If I had to figure out the NFC West i'd be taking a time out from that Quantum Physics doctoral thesis i  have to write.
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