NFL bracketology

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    Re: NFL bracketology

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    Sweet Jesus, I wish we had some real football to talk about.

    That's why I started the "Yawn" discussion.  BDC has the same headlines day after day and this forum keeps rehashing the same stuff.

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    Re: NFL bracketology

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    I think NFL fans are trolling.  Eli is leading Brady, Gannon is leading Favre, and Bledsoe is leading Aikman.  I'm not sure about the other ones but that's what the NFL said on my Facebook newsfeed.

    well at least they got the Eli - Brady thing right so far

    <sarcasm>Yeah, right.</sarcasm>.  Here we have one who will be a first round, unanimous, inductee into the Hall of Fame and the other who will have to buy a ticket to get in.  The only reason Eli is leading is because of the disparate populations of the two places they play for.

    Who is the all-time best?  That is hard to say, but I would say that it is a toss-up between Brady and [Peyton] Manning.  One year one has it and the next year the other has it.  Aside from that it is very hard to compare eras in football.  The games were vastly different.  One thing for certain is that Favre was barely a good QB.  He threw to the other team WAY too often.  Eli?  Fuggedaboudit.

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