NFL drops $$$ on fines

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    Re: NFL drops $$$ on fines

    My guess would be that the intent was to go a little overboard at first to -- as you say -- get the players' attention, and that the league is probably not really interested in pauperizing the worst offenders. But on the flipside, we're also seeing the league combing through film and coming up with fines for players that were never flagged for their actions in the first place (like Jerod Mayo), and also expanding the parameters of what is finable.

    Hands-to-the-face, anyone?

    My problem with the whole thing isn't so much the amount of the fines, or even what the league decides to classify as fine-worthy. But it's still pretty clear to me that the players, themselves, have no idea what they are allowed to do and what is going to invite the league into their pockets.

    That's a problem.

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    Re: NFL drops $$$ on fines

    P-Mike, agreed that defensive players have no idea what to expect, the whole process is subjective and arbitrary.  The fact that Mayo wasn't flagged in the game for a good, hard hit and was fined after the fact underscores the whole flaw in the system. 

    I guess if the initial heavy fines drew attention to the fact that the NFL wants to protect defenseless palyers, then it's hard to argue that it wasn't a good thing.  But along the way, a lot of clean hits were lumped in with cheap shots like Meriweather's hit on Heap. 

    I still think the NFL needs to look at what they are doing to the game, they are emasculating defensive players.  I bet some of the guys who were on the receiving end of some of the clean hits would say the same thing -- it's football, and guys will get hit.  It's part of the game.     
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