I encourage anyone who is interested, to please sign up for this league and be committed to the cause of locking the NFL out of our lives.  Now I know there are some that say it's ridiculous, but in reality it isn't. These two parties are arguing over money that the fans generate. They assume on our part, and give us zero say in these talks. What do the fans want? They don't care. It's time we start representing ourselves one way or another. We need to starve them of the source that makes them who they are. Without the fans, this league is a weekend backyard football game. Imagine these two parties on sundays, without the fanbase? Wouldn't be much of a party. Keep in mind this is Billions of dollars the fans generate annually out of our own pockets even in a time the local businesses could really use that money. People losing jobs left and right, and we continue to pump these billions into this league, and they cant decide how to divide it amongst themselves. 

Please join the facebook site if you haven't , and join this page. I know as of right now it's just beginning, and has 12 people on it. BUT, every movement starts somewhere, there are millions of NFL fans on facebook. We need to cut off the supply of income in all aspects, until the NFL acknowledges the fans have a say in this. Thank you very much