NFL Free Agency - 2011

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    NFL Free Agency - 2011

    I know it's fun to talk about what free agents the Pats might target for next year, so I hate to throw a cold, wet, filthy dirty, bacteria-laced towel from Rex Ryan's bathroom over all that speculation. But nevertheless, here it is: There will be no free agency this year. 

    The "league year" is when free agency starts, some time in March. But there will be no league year unless, miraculously, there is a labor agreement in place. The draft will go on, but there will be no free agency. Well, eventually there will be, but that might not be until 2012. Most likely they will get something done either right before, or right after the season is supposed to start, because that's just the way these things tend to go.

    Which means free agency might be a very compressed process, which would be interesting, but it won't start for a very long time.

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    Re: NFL Free Agency - 2011

    The league and the players union are meeting on Sat. Apparently with the lockout if the union doesn't bring realistic demands then the owners can file that the union didn't participate in fair labor negotiations and a new agreement will go into affect automatically based on the demands the owners brought to the table during the lat negotiations. The sticking point is that if the union disbands before Sat they can sue the league under the anti-trust law but if they go to the meeting their only choice is a strike in which case the NFL can hire scabs since the didn't violate the anti-trust after the negotiation on Sat.

    This is really turning bad for the players and they could really get stuck in a hole quick. Their best bet at this point is to negotiate a CBA similar to the one we last had but give in on the 18 game schedule and go after larger rosters, higher veteran min's, lower years in rookie contracts, and more time between the season and camps. Otherwise they might lose out on everything