NFL MVP is a JOKE!!!

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    Re: NFL MVP is a JOKE!!!

    Yes, this is all fine and dandy, but the Pats already beat Denver this year. As mentioned before, Peyton always seems to come up short on the biggest stage and in the biggest games. 


    If the Broncos do go all the way (God forbid), then Manning should get the MVP. If not, he'll have to settle for maybe the come back player of the year.

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    Re: NFL MVP is a JOKE!!!

    In response to ccsjl's comment:

    No better proof than 2003 CO-MVPs McNair and Manning - Brady beat both in the regular season, he then bet them both again in back to back playoff games.....

    Uh, they had better regular season stats. Brady did, however, win the SB. MVP's ae handed out based on regular season results.

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    Re: NFL MVP is a JOKE!!!

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    Oh jeez -

    Do you think Brady is the only Patriot that plays the game?  Do you not think that the number one scoring defense and #1 defense in takeaways had something to do with the team's success?

    In the reg season, Manning had a better game than Brady and in the playoffs, the game is well known for pats defenders holding colts receivers all over the field while the refs left their flags in their pockets.

    It's called: Playing By The Rules Then In Use.  Too bad the Clots couldn't adjust anything besides their crying towels, until they got the rules changed.

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    Re: NFL MVP is a JOKE!!!

    In response to CornHole12's comment:

    Funny how all Patriot fans want Peterson to get the award, anyone but Peyton. Your post means nothing of insight, you fans are pathetic. I saw that clown Rodney Harrison do the same thing on SNF, I bet if it were Brady and Peterson it would be Brady no doubt.

    What kind of rock did you spill out from under? Anyone NOT voting for Peterson is crazy, delusional, or have a HUGE man-love complex on any other vote getter. If you knew what an "end zone" is, you'd have a base idea that Peterson WAS the Viking's offense this season. Despite the opposing team KNOWING he was going to get the ball, he still went off for over 2000 yds on a surgically repairs knee, done during the offseason. They couldn't stop him! It would have been interesting to see what the Vikings would have done with a good QB to go along with Peterson.

    Pay A Ton? Give him the Comeback Player award. He clearly deserves it. The Brokebacks won their division last season with Tebow rescuing them, for cripes sake. He took a playoff team back to the playoffs. He increased their win total by 5 games, from 8-8 to 13-3. All Peterson did as THE offense was improve the Vikings 7 games (from 3-13 to 10-6), despite EVERYONE in teh civilized worl knowing he was going to get the ball.

    Sorry, Peterson deserves the MVP; Gomeer gets CBY. Brady? He played himself out of any consideration late tin the season.