Just wanted to pass along this coupon to save $5 on the NFL preseason package.  Watch all preseason NFL games live or on demand for $14.99.  Use promo code DTV25 on the payment page to get your $5 discount.  Read the disclaimer before you purchase as local residents might not be able to get home games.


Also, now is the time to call direct tv and see if you can get a good deal on the Sunday ticket.  It took me 3 calls this year.  First call no offer.  2nd call the person offered me half off.  The 3rd call I got the Sunday ticket Max free for this season, free HBO for 3 months to watch Hard Knocks, $15 credit for 12 months and a 1 time $40 credit on this months bill.  Talk to the retention department, tell them another cable company is giving you good offers, willing to buy you out of your contract up to $200 (if you are in a contract with Direct tv) and ask them what they can offer to keep you as a customer.

Good luck.


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