NFLN's Michael Lombardi Says

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    Re: NFLN's Michael Lombardi Says

    No doubt some form of the Patriot's Hurry Up Offense will be part of the plan to control the tempo of the game.

    I remember the last Super Bowl when we went right down the field with it and scored a TD in the second half ... next they were showing the Giants D on the sidelines using the oxygen tanks ... and I kept wondering why we weren't in hurry up during the first half (I also wondered why Ghost didn't get to kick the field goal).

    Good feelings about Sunday ... I like it when we are in underdog mode.
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    Re: NFLN's Michael Lombardi Says

    In response to "Re: NFLN's Michael Lombardi Says": [QUOTE]In Response to Re: NFLN's Michael Lombardi Says : if they stay away from subbing too much and leave bjge in, they could go to a run heavy no huddle once they earn a first down against the 4 DEs. basically nyg gets stuck with 4 DEs trying to stop the pats' power run. in theory, that works. unfortunately, they can always fake an injury so they can sub Posted by seattlepat70[/QUOTE] The giants faking injury willmhappen, but they honestly can't use it much. Maybe it buys them 2 stops max before the refs start doing something about it. Some on this board have already been assuming bad officiating foe this game, but given the giants tendencies to fake injury, I got to think the refs and BB will be watching this closely. Somyeah, I expect they will do it, but it won't last long.