To everyone that was involved in the commenting of the blogs written here about the NFLPA and Roger Goodell, this is what I was talking about as to how these Law Suits were going to turn into a circus.

Please read the Article and the last paragraphs.

We all have our own opinions and respectfully so, the Health of these players is a serious concern.

BUT />>>>>>>>
To go into a Court Room and try to launch a battle over safety issues (yes I know its about witholding information as well), and THEN show current safety neglect along with the players to refuse to wear safety equipment designed and offered by the league for their protection is going to be a nightmare.

Sorry, but this guy (Demorris Jones Shaft Anyone Smith) is destroying the Unions credibility and is going to turn this into a disaster for the players.

News Flash-The New Apple Eye Phone Camera catches pictures Demaurice Smith without his Mask on..... Good Luck NFLPA Union, your master is creating your doom!