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NFLPA Wants To Eliminate the Draft

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    Re: NFLPA Wants To Eliminate the Draft

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     Interesting how quiet it is been on the negotiation front.  Its a bit disconcerting.
    Posted by UD6

    UD . . . the court-ordered mediation begins again Monday.  It was stopped a few weeks ago because the court-ordered mediator had prior obligations. The quiet period, I think, is mostly because of the mediator being away.  Still, the longer this runs on, the more skeptical I become.  A month ago, I was nearly sure a deal would be signed and the season would be unaffected.  At this point, I'm not nearly so certain. 

    Oh, and agents certainly don't want a rookie pay scale. They make a lot of money negotiating big contracts for top rookie draft picks. Plus, those big rookie contracts put upward pressure on wages and therefore drive up the prices for veterans too.  What the agents would really like to see is no rookie pay scale, no salary cap (a floor, though is fine!), no limits on free agency, no limits on roster size, and possibly no draft. Their interest is to have more contracts, larger contracts, more frequently re-negotiated contracts, and more competition between teams for contracts. I bet they'd also love to get rid of the limit the NFLPA places on their commissions!

    As for the players and players association, I think what they'd like first and foremost is a CBA similar to the one they had. As long as the salary cap is a generous one, they are willing to accept restrictions on free agency, a rookie salary scale, limits on rosters, drafts, etc. If, however, the owners want to insist on greatly limiting future growth in the salary cap, then I think the players and players association moves to a position more like the agents' position: just let the free market take over. That doesn't mean the agents are driving that position--it just means that interests converge. But give the players association a generous salary cap, and I think they revert to a position that is accepting of a number of restrictions that the agents would probably love to see permanently removed.

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    Re: NFLPA Wants To Eliminate the Draft

    A definite setback for the players, but there's still a long way to go in this fight.  The owners are likely to be able to keep their lockout as long as they want to, but there's nothing in today's ruling that stops the player's anti-trust suit from going forward.  I find it interesting that the Appeals Court did not show its hand on whether it thinks the decertification is a sham, preferring to argue that the law (Norris-LaGuardia) that limits the Court's ability to issue injunctions against lockouts applies regardless of whether the locked-out employees are unionized or not.   

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