Nick Caserio

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    Nick Caserio

    Must be BB's little B#tch. Het Nick save some time next year and let your little monkey throw darts at a board. But first take off the board all team needs. Obviously without Pioli, Weis or Crennel we have no-one to question Our Coach Gm, Def Coord. , Water Boy , Captain of Cheerleading and oh Yea Control Freak. Now lets let Adalius go to Miami for nothing in return.Shawn Springs $11 million over 3 years WOW!!!!
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    Re: Nick Caserio

    u are really clueless. One of our best drafts was last year AFTER Pioli left.  And read up on our new CB.  Just because you didnt have time to read about him doesn't mean he stinks. I am guessing u are not a scout in the NFL, just some armchair QB/coach wannabe.  Buy a sports mag and get a clue.