Ninkovich Fumble (Defense)

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    Re: Ninkovich Fumble (Defense)

    I'm going to try and post something serious here (serious discussion before I lose power). Did you look at the stats from the game defensively? Becasue without looking at the score you would think the defense played terrible - yet they didn't. Their QB was something like 22 for 30 and their runners averaged something like 5 yards a carry. And the Rams did this without their best receiver and their other top wide out got hurt on the second play of the what gives here? We only ended up with two sacks and really outside of Chandler it looked like no one was able to sustain any pressure. They did get some inside pressure when they blitzed, but overall I thought they blocked us.

    It came down to third down production and we had it yesterday. It also looked like the special teams played well enough to have them starting in bad field position spots just about all game. They had to drive thirty plus yards to get to the fifty. It also looked like we played some man coverage yesterday and the guys they had out there were better than the usual suspects - Cole and Dennard just look like better players than Arrington and whoever is on the other side.

    I love that we won and only let them score 7, but I'm far from convinced this defense won't be a major problem all year and keep us from winning anything.

    I hope Pryor comes back. I was at a game a couple of years ago and outside of Wilfork, he was the best player on the defensive line. He played so low in the pass rush that they couldn't handle his explosiveness. He came up with some key third down stops where they tried to run it right at him...they couldn't move him. This guy coming back would be a huge huge deal for a defense that is sorely lacking a pass rushing presence from their defensive tackles.

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