No more Tebow threads please...

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    squirming? the entire ESPN NFL related department is laughing their collective as*es off regarding this signing. this may be the height of bad moves by BB. the distractions will be merciless. BB should know better than to have these needless distractions.


    I am highly doubtful that TT provides anything of value to the team this upcoming season, but arguing this is the worst move BB has ever made and that the distractions will be merciless is an exaggeration imo.  First of all there is literally no money involved so from a financial standpoint to the team the move has no effect.


    As for the media/distractions this isn't New York where the media coverage is always more crazy and we have a first ballot HoF'er at QB.  There will no QB controversy.  More importantly BB will suck the life out of all the media coverage by not making TT available to the media and not answering any questions about him beyond the standard teamspeak.  The press conference today was a perfect example.  And if for some reason he becomes a big distraction BB cuts him, the team loses nothing financially and the entire "story" goes away while Tebow floats off to play arena football.  The bigger problem is for us here at BDC as the Tebowites will infest this forum shortly and make the place dam near unreadable.



    Exactly.  How old are you? Mid 20s? RKrap is in his 50s or late 40s and your intelligence level is so far beyond his, it's not even funny.


    why is everything age-related with you queenie?

    maybe ur in the beginnings of that midlife thingy- like i know u are? is

    age becoming an obsession as you feel Father Time for the first time and - like a stereotype spouting cliches - you need to be deragatory towards the next generation b/c they are different (which means worse of course) and you resent their youth, old man?

    such a sad display from a gen-x little 30 something boy! bad show

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    Re: No more Tebow threads please...

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    We need Tebow to do the kneel downs at the end of wins.  Wouldn't that fire up the media.  



    Now you got the easy part done telling me about it.

    Does that handshaped bruise on your back hurt?

    Oh yes!  I like it!  Victory formation will be Tebow Time!  He could combine the kneel down with tebowing.  Now that would be Awesome!!