While the running back-by-committee approach may have had success at times, it really hurts the Patriots offense in the end. When the Pats won the 3 Super Bowls in the early 2000's, those teams were a lot better and successful at really running the football late in games with the likes of Antowain Smith and Corey Dillon (with Kevin Faulk as the change-of-pace running back). This past Super Bowl when it was late in the game and the offense needed to run time off the clock by running the football, they couldn't run the football. The play before the unfortunate misconnecton between Tom & Wes, they tried to run the football and lost yards and that lead to that play. Looking at this backfield, who is going to be the main running back? While the offense will still be using that running back-by-committee approach, they have to settle on who's going to be that running back that they can use to pound away at defenses when looking at what they have in the backfield.