No sacking Brady

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    No sacking Brady

    Quick Stat: in the past 4 games - brady has not been sacked by anyone on the opposing teams. I think this stands as one of the best stats going into the playoffs. And a pure confidence builder for brady while rehabing multiple injuries and his knee.
    The following players never recorded a sack against the patriots in the month of december.
    Will Smith (4th in NFL - 13 sacks)
    Julius Peppers (10th in NFL - 10.5 sacks)
    Aaron Schobel (11th in the NFL - 10 sacks)
    Joey Porter (16th in the NFL - 8 sacks)
    Jason Taylor (20th in the NFL - 7 sacks)
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    Re: No sacking Brady

    Those are good stats against the sacks and its obvious those are some of the reasons the pats have won thier last 3 games.  Although I do believe that its a misleading stat.  The jests rank near the bottom of the league in sacks but are the #1 defense in the league.  They get alot of pressure on the qb.  I think that stat is more important than sacks.  Constant pressure vs. a couple sacks...Ill take the pressure all day.