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    I just read in the Herald that Randy Moss is not going to resign with the Titans and wanted to be ahead of the curve when someone starts the obligiatory, "Do you think that the Pats should go after Rany Moss?" thread.

    I say no thanks.
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    Re: NO!

    i agree. i keep preaching about gates in the 5th round but i dont know much on college players but he put up good stats and has good highlights on youtube of getting deep, going over the middle, and YAC. He's also 6 foot and right around 190 if i remember
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    Re: NO!

    Id take him on 2 conditions

    1.  Tom brady figures out that Randys not as young as he used to be and he cant have the ball every play or every other play at that.

    2.  Randy takes a pay cut just like he did the first time we signed him until he shows us his heart ran our last year not his gas tank.

    Randy wants to be in New England BAD!  He's looking for a ring and he knows the Pats give him the best odds to get it.  Take a pay cut and become the over the top threat that just shuts his mouth and comes to work.
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    Re: NO!

    I believe he will be 35 years old if the next season is in 2012 and It is sure looking like that is going to happen.