Not so expert draft analysis

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    Not so expert draft analysis

    I wanted to know the Patriots drafted players ranked among their respective positions.  Another words, Zoltan is a 5th rounder, but he's the #1 ranked punter.  Dez Bryant would be the 2nd best reciever, because he was the second reciever picked.  I'm going to dispense with the "expert analysis" form the media and assume the NFL teams know what they're doing, so the best WR is the first one picked etc.

    Positions          ranked among position
    P- Zoltan               1st
    TE- Gronkowski       2nd, and 6th Hernandez
    CB- Mccourty-        3rd                                  #27, 5 CB's taken in first round.
    C-   Larsen             5th                                  Last center taken
    WR- Price               12th                                3rd round, 290
    OT- Welch              14th
    QB- Robinson          15th
    DT- Weston            20th
    DE- Deaderick         25th

    For OLB, and ILB, I'm going to rank the positions among teams that run the 3-4 since they wouldn't look for the same players as a 4-3. As far as I know those teams are- Steelers, Packers, Chiefs, Broncos, Dallas, Jets, SD, Browns, Pats, SF, Miami, Ravens, Cards, Redskins.

    OLB- Cunningham     5th               7th total
    ILB- Spikes             2nd               3rd total, Dallas chose Lee , Oakland- MCclain

    So the Pats got six players who were top 5 talent in their positions. I know this isn' perfect, but theorically the best Punter of the 2010 draft should turn out to be a top 10 punter.  The 25th DE picked would struggle to make a team.  So, The Pats should have starter level players in Zoltan, Gronkowski, Hernandez, MCcourty, Larsen, Spikes, and Cunningham possibly Price.  OK, you can tell me how stupid this is now.
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    Re: Not so expert draft analysis

    I can't imagine that your analysis is any worse than some of the stuff I've seen on ESPN and NFL Network.  In point of fact everything you posted has a rational basis.  One point I would make that may be missed by some is that the Pats (and I'm sure most other teams) draft based on a number of factors not the least of which is how the player's talents match up with their system.  As you point out, an outside linebacker in a 4-3 is expected to do different things than an outside linebacker in a 3-4. 

    I happen to think that when the dust settles, this may end up being one of the better drafts that BB has had.  He addressed a number of needs with what appears to be quality.  That he has two 1sts and two 2nds next year is a bonus.

    My 2 cents.
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    Re: Not so expert draft analysis

    I love the players that the Pats selected.  I'm going to enjoy watching Mayo and Spikes together.  I'm also going to enjoy watching the Raiders and Pathers lose to give us two great picks next year. 

    I think your analysis is spot on though.  After the Pats selected someone, I would thumb through my 2 NFL draft Magazines and see where the players were ranked.

    Mostly all of our top 7 or so picks were top 5 in thier position. 

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    Re: Not so expert draft analysis

    I can see the following as starters from the start of the season

    In my eyes, Spikes will out play Gary Gayton for the 2nd MLB spot in training camp and start next to Mayo.

    McCourty will be our nickle for a while, then probably transition to starter at some point. IMO, if you compare him now to what Butler was last season, McCourty is a lot better.

    Finally, Grankowski is going to be a day one starter IMO because he is the best TE on the roster.

    Im hoping Taylor Price learns the system and contributes somewhere down the line as the 4th or 5th wr, and abviously special teams.

    Lastly, Cunnigham, I hope we see him Rushing the passer early on, but I think it might be a difficult transition for him and he wont contribute much early in the season.