The ending of last nights Patriots / Colts game stirred up the exact emotions as were there the night that Grady Little let Pedro Martinez talk the Red Sox out of the playoffs. Grady left Pedro in the game, the Yankees came back for the decisive win and, as we all know, the decision, or lack thereof, assured Grady Little of a front row seat among all the other 'villians' in New England sports history. The Red Sox were the better team and, had Little brought in a relief pitcher, as was most assuredly called for, they most likely would have gone on to a World Championship.
 Last night Bill Belichick helped us all to forget about Grady Little. His unbelievable call, to go for a first down from that position on the field, the very last of an entire series of bad coaching decisions that he made last night, may end up as the turning point of the entire Patriot season. His players will never admit it, not as long as they are still working for him, but the know, inwardly, that their coach has pulled the rug out from them. His lack of confidence in a young defense could grow and fester into a plague over the coming weeks; his arrogance will spark endless blogs and conversations around the sports world and will have an overall negative impact on the Patriot organization; his mismanagment of the time-outs, of the game clock, and the soft defense that allowed Manning to strike even more quickly will be discussed and over-analyzed for the rest of the season.
 We had a great thing going prior to last night. Now ... who knows? I am thinking, however, that the roof will soon be caving in. Get lost, Belichick. You advocate only for yourself.