Now we get to experience the "bad" Randy Moss

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    Now we get to experience the "bad" Randy Moss

    We've been spoiled because all we've seen is the "good" Randy for the past two seasons. Now I'm beginning to feel this may be the beginning of the end for Moss in NE. I've loved Moss in NE, don't get me wrong but one thing for sure is that lack of effort in never tolerated by BB no matter how good you are..or can be. I just find it difficult to beleive that Moss's casual approach to the position lately, culminated by the total lack of effort yesterday because he was scolded earlier in the week will set very well with Bill.
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    Re: Now we get to experience the "bad" Randy Moss

    Curiously, he was good last year, whilst Cassel QB'd the games.  It's rather odd that he might not exert the same effort, after TB came back...very strange.  Hopefully, this was just a bad game.

    From a leadership perspective, I would sit the core of the team down (i.e. ones that are going to stay) and explain what the longer-term vision is; give them a reason to keep the ball moving regularly into that end zone.  The Pats have some good picks in the draft; quite a few of them.  Some of the younger guys have benefitted from playing time.  Surely, they can build on this?  This might give them some added inspiration for this season.  Don't forget, the Giants hit the gas pedal at the right time to upend the Pats...totally unexpected; quite effective.  I believe the Pats are capable of this.  However, I'm not certain that they believe they are capable of this.