NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    Your implication is that the Giants did nothing to deserve the TOs in that game.

    That was a flat out nasty blitz defense against the Packers.  Nasty. 

    So if NE's Oline cannot do what the Packs' couldn't do, it's going to be a long day.  Two of those TO's came because of the Giants' dline.  Rogers looked utterly lost.  But NE's Oline was hugely effective against Baltimore, and I think they'll  do it again tomorrow.

    Hey, the Pats are going to win this thing.  I just disagree with the thread.  Giants D is one of the best in this league with or without the "hype".
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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    A lack of fumbling is sometimes entirely on the offensive player.  Case in point, BenJarvus Green Ellis, who has never fumbled the football in his professional career, and in 2010 he ran for 1000 yards, which somewhat differentiates him from me.  I never fumbled the football in my NFL career either.  To my credit I once caught a punt, on the first bounce, behind the sideline rope at training camp, and I didn't fumble the catch.

    Interceptions and quarterback strips are often statistically related to good defense, and they are also statistically related to the particular quarterback.  As a rule of thumb I would always give 50% credit to each team.
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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    In Response to Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!:
    Interesting thread, but the Giants have made some really big plays when it mattered, at times against really good teams. They're really the only team that should have beaten the Packers twice.  The first game the Giants lost, but at the time the Packers were favorites to go to the SB.  And in that game, inches made the difference, literally. I just don't want to count out a D that's been hot for about 6 weeks now.  And they stepped up big against GB.  Rogers looked like a rookie in that game, maybe worse.  GB's O Line looked really, really bad.  Ironically, though, I've got a feeling the Pats' D will play their best game of the season to lead this to to a win.  The Pats' D will make one, maybe two big plays to silence critics. 
    Posted by soups

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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    In response to "Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!":
    Football is about match-ups, not stats. The Giants play a D that bothers the Pats. Same as the Jets and Ravens. The Pat's better be ready for the Giants to come flying across the line of scrimage hell bent on getting Brady. 4 years ago the Pats had no answer, hopefully this go round they get it figured out. However, I still believe that it's actually the Pat's D who will determine who wins the game. Posted by NoMorePensionLooting
    We went 3-0 against the Ravens and Jets, why would that bother us? The Giants can't stop the run and we ran all over the vaunted Ravens defense, how's that for a matchup. We are going to kill them.
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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    On any given Sunday!  I think you have to look at the entire record.  Kansas City beat the Packers and the Pats trounced Kansas City. The Pats beat the Redskins and the Redskins beat the Giants twice and the second within the last few games of the season when the Giants were desparate to make the playoffs.  The Pats defense is middle of the road and better than the Giants D based on the only meaningful measure...points allowed.  Also, while the Pats didn't beat a team >.500 during the season, the Giants beat only one team >.500 (the Pats).  Since that humiliating loss to the Giants, the Pats haven't lost a game. The Pats O and D in particular have improved greatly as reflected in this winning streak.  Where exactly is the Giants' advantage?  It exists only in the market driven spin of the ESPN talking heads.  They have to cater to the much larger Giants/Manning fan base.  Press the ignore button.  Las Vegas is correct in picking the Pats (money doesn't lie) and the spread would be even greater if it weren't for Gronk's ankle.  
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    Re: NY Giants Defense is all Hype!

    The NYG are a 9-7 team in a mediocre division.  They GAVE UP more points than they scored!!!  All this talk about the Jints being an unbeatable defense....HAAAA!  Anything but. Did you any of you see the spanking the Redskins put on them...in front of their own fans?????  The Washington Redskins! Sure, Gronk is going to be slowed down by the injury, but don't forget - we have Hernandez, Welker, Branch, Falk, Green-Ellis, Woodhead, Edelman, and even 8-5 (who might prove to be the x-factor in this game).  One more thing....Eli will find it tough to complete passes to Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks with 325 Lbs. of Vince Wilfork landing on him.  Just ask Joe Flacco what that is like.  This time, there is no infatuation with Randy Moss and waiting for the big deep pass or Laurence "20 minutes to get to the line of scrimmage" Maroney.  No old, past their prime players on D like Harrison, Seau, Bruschi, and Vrabel.  We have fresh, young legs on D who have improved as the season has gone on and a QB itching for payback with more weapons this time.  The Pats made numerous errors in th AFC championship game, STILL scored 23 on one of the better top-to-bottom defenses I have ever seen, and Joe Flacco had the game of his life and the Pats STILL won.

    One last thing....the press has fallen all over themselves talking up the NYG with Eli, Cruz, JP-P, Tuck....etc.  One word: disrespect.  Remember the last time the Pats were so roundly disrespected?  It was 2002 and the two teams (and press) who dismissed them as "also rans" and "undermanned" were the Steelers and the Rams.  How did that work out for them?  Go ahead, bet against the Patriots...I DARE you. Pats 38-10.