NY/NY reaction!

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    In Response to Re: NY/NY reaction! : Sorry, you lost me about 1/3 of the way through, I just got too bored.  This is the last I'll say on this silly topic.  You think that there is some advantage to being secretive and not stating ones goals.  I disagree.  You seem to think that because the Patriots have... walked softly and carried a big stick... and have been successfull with that, that any other way is not acceptable.  Teams have both talked big and played big plenty in the history of this game.  Weather you say, "I just want to help the team" or "we are going to crush them, there is no differenece to how either team prepares or executes.  The fact that being secretive and not willing to talk about what should be every teams goal has worked for Bill & the Patriots, is irrelevant, just as Rex Ryan's completely opposite way of doing things is.  WHat is not irrelevant is that they have a lot of good players and a lot to build upon from last year. I did just relaize the big problem that you people have with Rex.  It brings back to many memories of the Superbowl Shuffle. Even after all this time, it still hurts.
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    What is irrelevent is your response. Once again you simply make things up, things I haven't said or even came close to saying, to support an argument that you are having with only yourself. You may have a short attention span, though my post was long because I was quoting you a couple of times. It really was simple and clear. Of course you're back to your subtle insults with the Chicago reference, but, lol, no that has nothing to do with anything. Sorry. The problem "us" people and most everyone who's not a jest fan, is he's a gas-bag, a blow-hard, a braggart, etc. It has absolutely nothing to do with stating goals. It's just being classless.
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