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    In Response to Re: OCHO tweets : I'm not trying to stir the pot here and honestly I have not read much of the back and forth between you and Rusty. I know how Rusty gets so please don't group me in to your debate but... Do you see the irony in the bold comments above? If Chad gets wide open for a td and Brady ignores him to throw underneath to WW who is to blame? If the guy is open for a td then why the heck didn't Tommy throw him the ball??? I mean I have read the same reports about the dropped balls in practice but I also read that he kept his mouth shut and worked as hard as anybody. I think it is the offensive coordinators job to make it work when you have 2 talented people dedicated to winning(Brady and Chad). In this case I think we gave up on him before he had much of an opportunity to play. I also understand why, being that Branch and Brady have amazing "chemistry". If he can't produce better then your top 4 targets then why try? How could Chad succeed when he gets 3-5 snaps a game? When we threw the 40 yard td to Chad in Denver why did he not play another snap after that 1st qtr play? Did he free lance and run the wrong route that resulted in a td? I just don't see the need to classify him as a failure because we have 4 players that are better then him in our current system, which resulted in the 2nd most passing yards in NFL history. If Branch went down for half of the year and Chad played actual starter minutes and our passing offense suffered I would be the 1st to call him a failure but as it is I don't see the point.
    Posted by TrueChamp

    My point is that it has gotten so bad that Brady will refuse to throw to 85 despite 85 being open.  And allegedly, the tension between the two was caused by 85 not knowing his plays and freelancing to get open.  

    Brady is a timing QB.  He generally throws to a spot on the field, which is why some of his passes look way off - the receiver has run the wrong route or a sloppy route and can't get to the pass. So Brady blows a gasket.  This was happening with Chad.  Brady will not reward Chad for getting open because he is ticked that Chad won't follow the plays.  He would rather throw toa double-covered Gronk who is runnig the correct route.  He is punishing 85, and he should.  If all the receivers start to take such a relaxed approach to the playbook, before you know it, you have Cincy-quality of O.

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    Re: OCHO tweets

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    Umm, why is this offensive now? Making fun of politicians is now offensive and illegal?  I am confused. If I am BB, I activate he and Ridley for the SB and tell each to be ready. Posted by RidingWithTheKingII
    Agree on all counts, but I'm not surprised that 85 hasn't contributed much. I told my dad during camp that I didn't think he was gonna help the Pats much, and that he was washed up. I did figure he'd do more than he has though. Maybe he has one more hurrah in him?
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    The source would be me watching OB take people like BJGE off the field on Sunday after dominating in the game. Similarly, I see Chad Johnson score a TD in Denver on the opening drive, never to be seen again with Branch deactivated that day.  O'Brien is leaving for PSU for a reason. He's not NFL level material.  Thats' my source.  The only complaint here is Brady staring down his WRs and TEs who have spoiled him and Ochocinco's salary is too large for his production, albeit not his fault because we're too busy running a finesse shotgun spread base. Finally, you defending Brady for choosing to stare down Welkeer or Gronk over and over as a good ting with proof of INTS galore when he does that, is rather odd. NE lost 2 games this year for that very reason (Buffalo and Giants). He lazily stared down Slater deep on Sunday with literally 2 receivers wide open underneath. It's been a problem all year, likely because Brady controls O'Brien, O'Brien and he don't really get along, and it will be a disaster if their ego clash ruins a shot at a SB. O'Brien won the battle last year when Moss was dealt, controlled Brady, and Brady was outstanding not audibiling off what O'Brien wanted.  This year? Not so much.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    That's not it at all.  My point is that we know Brady has cut-off 85 for the fact that he is willing to pass into double coverage to Edleman, rather than pass to that over-paid, under-perfomring prima donna WR who refuses to run the play, refuses to run the clean route, and gets open by freelancing despite this being a timing-offense.  Brady is punishing 85 for being a rebel receiver who could poison the well, and Brady is right.

    As for Gaffney, I don't think he was the GOAT, I just think the Pats got good value from him and he made some amazing clutch catches.  He performed well to expectation, with the occassional pleasant surprise.  

    Chad has had just a few really good plays and one freakin' TD all season for 5.75 mill.  He is a bust, a bust because he refused to play the game the Patriot way.  He talked the talk, sure.  He never walked the walk.  Period.

    BTW, I have often criticized Brady this year and in the past for the very play you mention, passing to a double-covered receiver downfield, instead of going to the open second or third read.  It is how the Pats lost the last SB.  Don't put words in my figurative mouth.

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    Re: OCHO tweets

    Anyone see this?  I thought it was a pretty interesting bit from the sideline. I feel for the guy, honestly. He wants to be successful but just simply isn't on the same page with Brady.

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    Re: OCHO tweets

    I think the only way to shut King up would be to bump this thread when Ocho gets released in the offseason with a big fat "I told you so"
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    maybe Brady could tweet Ocho on every play to tell him his route 
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    I'd LOVE to think that Ocho/Chad was just hanging in there so in the SB he could have a huge game. I just don't see that being part of a master plan. For onething the PATS would have known that they would make it to the SB, and we all saw the last game, talk about a heart attack game! So I just don't see BB doing that, Ocho has just had a hard time learning the Pats system, tells you two things, one that the Pats have a complex game plans and more importantly Chad isn't too bright. Moss didn't have a problem learning it and I remember all the talk that he wouldn't put the work into learning it, boy he learned it and flourish in it! I wish Moss would come back.
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    Re: OCHO tweets

    ^ Agree with Bobbysu and Rusty, I'd like to see Ocho activated and actually played. Send him on a few deeper routes that Branch and WW don't have the speed/length for. If not the Giants will flood the short field and limit yac....although 4 ypc for Benny will be there all day.
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    Re: OCHO tweets

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    In Response to Re: OCHO tweets : Yes, I do feel BB expected Ocho to force his way onto the field due to performance over Branch. I am also of the belief the other person who had almost as much difficulty in picking up offense was Henandez, but he finally did grasp it and now cannot come off of the field. I think this also surprised BB that it happened like flipping on a light switch. One minute, Hernandez knew about 30% of the playbook, and the next he grasped it.
    Posted by rkarp

    All the more reason for you not to be upset with Ocho. As you say he cannot take AH's reps. I would disagree with you on BB's expectations with Ocho passing Branch. He is the former Sb MVP with Brady throwing him the ball. He came back after being gone 4 years and didn't miss a beat. He is the same age as Ocho and we traded a 2nd rd pick for him. How could Ocho play over Branch?

    IMO Branch was gonna play and play a lot health permitting. I think the only reason fans would label Ocho as a failure is if they had unrealistic expectations for him to begin with.
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    Re: OCHO tweets

      apparently it is was the first SOTU address he has ever watched.  He also tweeted that he didn't know who the guy sitting in the background looking depressed was.  For him, voting for president is probably not much different then voting on dancing with the stars.  He's not joking, just more obsessed with the silly non important melodramas of his own life than with the happenings of the world.  Like many others who are more concerned with the latest happenings on the Kardashian's and clueless about government.

      He probably has no idea that it was Scott Brown who pissed off many in Congress by creating and pushing for the legislation to stop insider trading on Capital Hill that Obama referenced and sort of took credit for in his speech.   
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    In Response to Re: OCHO tweets : I am sure he will be.  Brandon Lloyd will probably be in here for far less.  Ochicinco had no effect on the roster's sap situatiuon nor has he hurt the team.  Period.  Maybe if Bill O'Brien was more creative, we'd actually see him do more to help the team? It's the childish antics of using dramatic words like "busts".  BB didnt sign Ocho to come in and be a hero here.   If he had reps here, then fine. A bust is someone you use and he stinks.  But, that's not the case. He will be released.  I am just not going to lie about reality when I see him progress, open and ignored during games, or when Brady would underthrow him, etc. Just get over it. THe same reason why Slater wasn't hit in the game on Sunday is why Brady doesn't want to bother working with Ocho. If it ain't Moss acting freakish in 2007, Brady has no interest in making a techincally sound throw to the flanks. It's why Branch is ignored in most games.  Wake up. Brady is spoiled. Plain as day. It's why he's prone to having this poor outings or 1st halves, expexcting his studly TEs/WRs to dominate getting separation, and the O Line to be perfect on 40 drop backs. Some of you sound absolutely ridiculous with this. You're like the spoiled rich kids down the street who got 10 incredible Xmas gifts and then has to find fault with the worst one by comparison. Makes ZERO sense and makes me ill because I feel like I am dealing with 12 year olds. Go be a Browns fan or one of the many other fans in a fanbase filled with misery if that's what you're looking for. The rest of us will realize these contingency moves are a reality because of how incredible a GM BB is. Good day.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    How can you seriously sit there and say that the $6m in dead money going to Ocho hasn't hurt this team. That is such absolute garbage.

    There is a opportunity cost to money spent on a player. We could have spent that money on someone else. Don't tell me that BB just gets the player he wants at any cost. He has to balance the roster needs and requirements while adhering to the constraints of the cap as well as the wishes of his owner same as every other GM. Any amount of money locked up in one player is money not available to spend on someone else. THAT IS A FACT.

    It is absolutely rubbish to say that the $6m spent on Ocho doesn't matter since we are below the cap. Ofcourse we're below the cap, and we used up part of that cap space in dead money on Ocho. And it is DEAD MONEY........ since he didn't even suit up for the game. 

    It's the worst $6m we spent this year. 

    We could have spent that on someone else instead. How about someone like Paul Posluszny or Darren Sproles for starters. Don't tell me having a deadbeat like Ocho doesn't hurt us.