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    Re: OCHO

    I think it shows how complicated the Pats schemes are, and why the Bengals are the 7th circle of complete suck in the NFL. 

    Also, any WR that comes in thinking he's a "#1" guy is in trouble, because Brady spreads the ball around better than any QB in the league.  The trade off for not getting stats is winning games.  Good trade off, I'd say.  He'll either come to understand that sometimes he'll have 7 catches for 110 and two scores, and sometimes he'll have 1 catch for 10 yards.  You don't come to New England to pad your statistical resume.  You come to win.  He'll be fine.
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    Re: OCHO

    At the end of the game, it was Brady and Ocho on the bench next to each other, talking about who-knows-what, but I'd bet it's Ocho continuing his work, trying hard to do better.

    He lined up in the wrong spot, covering the TE. Nevermind the big play, that's an incredibly dumb play. I'm not calling him dumb, but I think it goes to show how much he is overthinking his responsibilities. He lost track of the most basic, and first rule of being a WR. That's drilled into you from Pop Warner on, to make that kind of mistake isn't a reflection on him as player, it's a reflection of mentally where he's at. And he's obviously struggling.

    If/when he can 'just play', he'll be prefectly fine, and be making HUGE plays for the offense.

    To me, what I understand about the Pats Offense, the important thing to look at is, the thee times we WAS targeted, he ran the right route, and was in position to make a play. He made 1 catch, got interferred with (though uncalled) 1 time, and almost made a nice catch on the third. Considering how long he seemed to be benched for that terrible penalty, that's not an awful game. He could've easily had 3 catched for about 45 yards, and people wouldn't be freaking out. If he didn't take himself off the field witht he penalty, that number WOULD be bigger. It was a bad game. He even had them when he was a Pro Bowler.

    I think he'll be fine, but I'll guess we'll see.
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    Re: OCHO

    It's week one. His value will be seen down the stretch and into the playoffs. I still believe Ocho will turn out to be a huge plus. once he becomes comfortable everyone will be happy we have him. Thankfully we don't need him right now.
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    Re: OCHO

    All I can say is right now he has time...there is a difference when a compimentary player is taking a lil while to get acclimated and you are losing games in the process and because of it (J.Galloway) and having a super powered offense with legit recieving threats at both tigh end spots and seasoned vets like Wes and Dieon getting the job done.

    So in a nutshell, Chad is fine because our passing offense looks superba nd when he gets it together he will just add to the firepower, but no need to cut we are fine w/out his production...let him lull teams to sleep thinking he wont be involved ,. than Boom!  He is gonna break out and have a huge game.

    Remember Donte Stallworth didnt make an impact until week 6 against dallas in 07' and we never loss a game that season...and he was Starting, where as Chad was only on the field for a handful of plays most likely cuz he is not versed enough in the hurry up offense, which we showcased all night..

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    Re: OCHO

    This may have already been said, but I can't really comment on how I think Ocho is doing because Ocho isn't doing anything that "fantasy" knobs can identify.

    What I do know is that the Pats scored 38 points last night . . .  so . . .  based on that, I'm going to assume he's doing okay.

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    Re: OCHO

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    Re: OCHO

    Branch looked fine and I was never worried about his preseason production. The guy gets hurt a lot so they limited his reps in preseason, but no biggie, he knows the system probably better than anyone.  In his first stint here they used to sit him the whole preseason even when he was healthy.  He was never really injury prone here as his biggest injury came when S.Neal rolled up on his leg after a long catch and run. Other than that he has a shaky knee so they only really want him playing when it counts...I have no problem with that.

    Our offense still looks explosive and if Chad never works out...we can trade him midseason for a safety or a CB if needed...but I think Chad will be a big factor here. he is already better than Joey G. cuz he can run a 10 yard comeback and catch the ball.. 
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    Re: OCHO

    This is a stupid thread - give the man a chance.
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    Re: OCHO

    If a 5 yard penalty is his worst offense, you guys complain too much.
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    Re: OCHO

    Bill is testing his patience... breaking him in... he looks a little scared... like Lackey.
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    Re: OCHO

    The pace of that game sure didn't do Chad any favors.  

    As I heard it, he came from a West Coast O that  is comparitively elementary vs. a Pats' O scheme that  is more like grad school.  He didn't have much time to learn it after the strike.  

    If he wasn't trying, we all know he would have been gone by now.  I think he will get it, but I chose "wait n see".

    As for Moss, I had heard from a Vikes fan that he has long had a degenerative foot condition, which may explain why his production had a steep drop-off going back to 2009, among other injury issues.  I just don't see him in the future, especially with all the receiving talent this team has now.  

    If Chad does get cut, he won't be replaced by a new receiver.  Anybody new will be along the O-line or DB, IMO.
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    Re: OCHO

    For all the naysayers out there,Ocho was targeted 3 times one ball was thrown over his head another was thrown into the ground behind him and he still near about caught it and he caught the one pass thrown in a catchable position. He is the 5th option in this passing scheme and when Faulk comes back he will drop to the 6th option for Tom. so if gets the ball thrown to him 3-4 times a game he should consider himself lucky. I thought he made one bad play and that was lining up wrong when he covered the TE and he made that mistake because he wasn't the intended target and he got lazy on watching the line of scrimmage.
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    Re: OCHO

    You "Moss guys" are getting ridiculous. To have to stoop to camouflaging ANOTHER Moss thread under the guise of a semi intelligent Ocho thread name is just sick.
     And I don't mean the good kind of sick!

    And comparing Ocho's progression in this offense, where he runs all 4056 different routes and has only had a few weeks since seeing the playbook for the first time, to Moss's progression, with the three routes he runs and a whole offseason, is just preposterous.
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    Re: OCHO

    For what it's worth, Ocho made a sick, sick catch to continue a drive on 3rd and mid-yardage.  Honestly, except for Hernandez's ridiculous catch by the sideline (that was freaking spectacular), Ocho's might have been the most important one at that point in the game.  They scored on that possession, and it was the only catch he made in the game.  He only got thrown to 3 times.  But that kinda brings up another major point:  If opposing D's are going to be that concerned about covering him, Gronk and Hernandez are going to go nuts this season.

    Pats aren't going to lose games due to penalties; this is one of the most disciplined teams in the NFL for a long time now.  So I'd rather deal with a pre-snap penalty than a hold, interference, or personal foul.  Ocho offers, if nothing else, a significant layer of protection for this offense.
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    Re: OCHO

    After what I saw last night we don't need him. Slater should move ahead of him on the depth chart.
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    Re: OCHO

    Just thought of a good reason why he is valuable: He can take a hit.  Think about it - the way the Ravens and Jets won in the past is in part to laying wood to the littles guys catching the balls, basically taking them out of the game.  That's Branch, Welker, Edleman, Woodhead.  Ocho is a big, strong guy, like Slater, Gronk, Hernandez, who all could take a hit better.  Just a thought.