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Off Topic - Go Bruins - Crazy Last 2 Minutes

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    Re: Off Topic - Go Bruins - Crazy Last 2 Minutes

    In response to Bunker Spreckles' comment:


    In response to NESportnut's comment:


    Just to clarify; Last original 6 Stanley cup was 1979 NY Rangers vs. Montreal Candiens(Habs)   Somebody asked!


    American, not Can vs American.  1972 was it.  Rangers vs Bruins.  I asked for American original Six, which would have meant a combo of (Chi, NYR, Det or Bos).


    Just saying.  I'd need to go back and look, but I don't it's been many times for the American 4 to have squared off for the Cup.  Montreal was cheating from outset (Access to all Canadian players before anyone else until 1961) and Toronto always had good teams until the 1970s.

    Edit: Just checked.  Prior to 1972, the only American vs American (of the Original 6) NHL Cup Finals occurred:

     '61, '43, '41, '34 and '29.  Bruins won it in '29 and '41.  They would have likely beaten the Wings in '43 if not for WWII.  The Bruins were stacked heading into the 1940s.



    Pretty sure BB was the GM back then...


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