When will Belichick finally bring in a tall physical WR that can make plays?  In Tom Brady's 13 year career, he has had an elite WR in the prime that could make tough catches for only 1 year (Moss in 07)

Brady has maybe a couple of years left.  How many years have we been talking about bringing in a tall physical WR!  The Pats still do not have one.  Do not tell me "this offense has been elite for the past 4 years without one".  It is only due to Brady's greatness that the Pats have been able to stay afloat.  The team is too reliant on Gronk, and that must change. 

Everything is inside , dink and dunk with the current talent we have.  All of you saw that today, everything was around Edelman and Amendola.

Why not spend a 1st round draft pick on a physical WR that could get open? Look at what the Bears have done with A. Jeffrey..... Look at the talent on this team.   An argument can be made this is one of the least talented WR groups in all of NFL. Think about it.  This team without Brady would be 3-11 right now. 



Same glaring problems on defense as well.  Linebackers cannot cover.  Hightower looks like a fata$$ on skates out there when in coverage. Another wasted draft pick. It is also remarkable that Belichick has not drafted 1 great safety or CB in the last 8 years.'

Pathetic record of drafting WR, S, CB's.  Another year, same glaring problems. Seems like nothing changes!