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    Re: Officiating

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    Horrible and incostistent officiating. Both intentional grounding calls were questionable. Brady did not face immediate pressure and Campbell was outside of the tackle box. How often do you see grounding called when ball is thrown into the stands? If Gordon's catch was upheld, Edelman's should've been too. Also, did I hear "half the distance to the goal" from a ref after unnecessary roughness penalty on Edelman's touchdown? They looked like replacement refs out there.

    On the other hand, those who cry about "questionable" PI call should look at PI call in Ravens-Vikings game on Flacco's int.

    Not to defend to refs but the Campbell intentional grounding did not reach to line of scrimmage which is required if there is not a receiver in the area.


    I forgot about that.

    Anyway, after reading Texas Pat's horrendous review and grading scale, to not factor in the 4 egregious wrong calls by the rules that affected our D in this game, is absolutely ludicrous, especially giving Brady a B grade for only two good drives for our team in entire game.


    Wow!  27 points on only 2 good drives?  That's incredible.  Where did the rest of those points come from?  Was it all of those forced turnovers by the D?  Special teams?  Maybe it was those 100 yard RBs?   

    The last TD came on an onsides kick executed by STs, yes. So, that's 7 points right there.

    Yes, two good drives. The one to Vereen and then the Edelman TD. 14 points.

    I am thrilled they eeked themselves into FG range in the 3rd qtr, Busty!  Wow! What an accomplishment.

    Brady turned it over TWICE to help Cleveland's field position.



    Just goes to show you what a complete idiot you are.  two 50 yard drives in the 2nd quarter that began around the 10 were bad drives?  68 yard drive beginning inside the 20 was a bad drive?  And because Cleveland was able to go 40 yards in 10 plays after a pick and got 3 points that was Brady's fault?  What a complete idiot you are.  Three points off of turnovers for the D that gave up 26 to the lowly Browns with a 3rd string QB passing for 400 yards and 3 TDs and you blame Brady?  This is why you are mocked.  You are a fool.  No way around it.  

    You have two distinct standards. One for Brady and one for any QB playing against that weakass Pats D.  Moron. 

    We could not get into FG range the entire 1st qtr so yes they were bad drives. Also, the one drive where Brady threw the INT at midfield, which affects our D yet again, is considered a bad drive.


    Negative offensive output affects the team. LMAO

    What a moron.

    Your QB is Geno Bust so you should know all about this concept, Busty. Trolling just with Meadowland Mike today in Jets mode, are we, Busty?


    You're an idiot.  Where were those defensive "forced turnovers" you've been spouting off about?  You know that Cleveland is one of the worst in the NFL in turning the ball over, right?  Couldn't get a pick from a thrid string QB?  You know, the one that threw for 400 yards and three TDs.  Brady's fault right?  How is it that you blame Brady for only putting up 27 points while praising the D for giving up 26?  Moron.

    Maybe... but Geno's team put up 30 on that Paper Tiger squad in NE.  What were your big predictions again?   Wouldn't win more than 4?  Lose every game going into the bye?  Any more predictions?

    Pats have been getting at least one per game.  Their streak of that record which lasted for 30 something plus game, an NFL record, ended in Carolina.

    But, Hightower's fumble/strip was a turnover. A forced fumbled is a turnover, moron.


    Oh, I see the confussion here. You want to include things that didn't actually happen.   Sorry, moron, it doesn't work like that.  See, when a play is blown dead, anything that happens after that doesn't actually count.  And by the way, a forced fumble (or even an unforced fumble) is not a turnover any more than an incomplete pass is a turnover.  I really shouldn't have to explain that to you.  You should watch a game sometime.

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    Re: Officiating

    Here we go again.......

    Raise your hand if you HONESTLY feel that no Patriot EVER committed a defensive personal foul penalty. lsoif any Patriot EVER committed an offensive personal foul penalty.

    I'll wait......

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    Re: Officiating

    Been terrible. Ask the Vikings.

    Looks like the NFL wanted the Crows in the playoffs no matter how bad the calls were.



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