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The other option is, cut Wilfork.  See how he rehabs, commit to moving on, maybe move on from Talib outright, and then go after DeMarcus Ware. But, just cut him under the idea he'll be signed again if he can go sometime, mid or late season. Obviously, you're asking him to throw away money, but he may not be able to come back as the old Vince. Harsh, but that is the nasty aspect of the NFl life.

You could play 4-3 and use Collins as your big nickel as a base defense.

Nink, Siliga, Kelly, Jones

Hightower, Mayo, Ware  (Collins, nickel base as as in the box Safety)

Pretty nasty.

This would also allow for a 3-4 if you wanted it since Ware has played 3-4 in Dallas. Regardless of how they lined up, the athleticism and experience with these players is quite good.

Maybe bring in a Tracy Porter or someone who can't command a 5-7 mil per deal and just go forward with Porter, Dennard, Arrington, Ryan, and a draft pick?

Go DT or CB early in the draft.

This really would depend on both Kelly adn Vince's health projections, too.


our front 7 next year if healthy is top 5 atleast maybe the best. all depends on how Vw and Kelly come back and if Armstead plays and how Siliga develops.

i would argue with anyone that we will have the 3 best starting LBs next year. Collins mayo and Hightower is SICK. cant wait to see them out there together