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Ok Mr. im worried.

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    Ok Mr. im worried.

    So I have not been able to post in weeks as I cant get away with it from work anymore. So I have no idea if people have been jumping ship due to the bad play as of late like I assume some will do. But with that said I was not sweating it when we lost last week to the Steelers. Good teams sometimes get beat by good teams and the Steelers are a good team. And I thought the Pats should beat the Giants today so all week I said listen if we get beat at home by the Giants then I will start to get worried about this team making it all the way. Because for me its all about the next super bowl win which I assume we can all agree on. And we lost that game today to a they should have beat IMO.

    So I am officially worried about whether or not this team can do it. Not saying I give up but I mean Dowling goes on IR a day after they cut Leigh Bodden and we end up with a bunch of new guys who I thought played very well together tonight but in the end couldnt seal the deal. So im worried and I think thats fair.

    Possible solutions IMO

    I think Brady needs to get over whatever trust issues he has with Chad Johnson because im beginning to think Brady is the problem in that situation and not Chad. If you lose Brady's trust early on he shuts you out and when Chad has had chances he has had soft hands IMO. More reps would help.

    Taylor Price...anyone? Deep threat?

    Darren Sharper? Better then  Sergio Brown. Any other safetys in FA pool?

    Anyone else got any idea's. Clearly this is just to make us feel better haha not like the Pats are reading but anyone else have any idea's?
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    Re: Ok Mr. im worried.

    Arrington isn't!

     Kyle Arrington 
     by shalisemyoung
    Don't hop back on the bandwagon later 
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    Re: Ok Mr. im worried.

    i dont think there are many fake fans in here, more like concerned fans, and we have every right to be concerned, the past two games have been hard to watch...however, a win next week and everything is sunny again in foxborough...but we havent beaten the jets the last two times in new jersey, so thats no easy task
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    Re: Ok Mr. im worried.

    Yes, worry. This game should have could have been a win. it was the dang Giants in our house.We all know the last time the teams met on the field. Gawd.
    There's a whole lot of spailin to do.