OK the jokes have started--

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    Re: OK the jokes have started--

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    check out my Patriots photoshops @ patsfanfotoshop.tumblr.com for some good laughs.




    Just wondered why Jints poked in on this particular thread.  He seemed a bit offended about the jokes which in my opinion are NOT at the expense of the victim just the idiot who perpetrated the crime.




    Was it morbid curiosity?

    Or to act as the Moral Police?

    Believe me, this is not the end of the Hernandez laugh train.  Comedians are gonna have a field day with this.



    Wooooooo. Board cop busted you I see. Woooooooo. Now comes the part he gets his ticket book out of the front basket   8-8 over under on the gints. I say under. 


    oh phil you silly boy!  Tongue Out




    Ha ha. 11-5?    The al sharpton *self proclaimed* has spoken.  Ill be sure to remind you.  Give me a ticket if you like. How's things in Huntington these days? Dad must have the boat in the water by now. 

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