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OK Weather in Denver

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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    Is this "temperate" in charge of beer sales at Invesco Field?....Wink
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    TP - I almost never root for a pats win, because the strength and confidence gained by their wins is always a negative for the colts.  But today is different.  This is a face saving game for me.  If Mcdaniels finds a way to beat the pats (which I don't believe he will), I could be eating crow for my offseason comments about him for the rest of the year. 

    Good luck to your pats.
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    Dogg, I always thought McD would do well this year. Partly due to the division, SD taking a step back this year, as well as their early season schedule. They have all the best stats on Defense this year but they haven't played anyone good. Some may make a case for Dallas, but I see them as taking a huge step back and look like a 6-10 or maybe 7-9 team this year. Anyway, I thought Denver would build some early season momentum and then struggle over the second half of the season. Even with Cutler leaving and all that I figured they would do well only I thought they would be doing it with Chris Simms not Kyle Orton at the helm.
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    MPF - I think regardless of what happens in Denver the rest of the year (and yes the next 5-6 games look like beasts), most have to take some positives from what has happened given the offseason. 

    I was one of the first to blast McDaniels for his missteps with Cutler.  I am a homer for Cutler, so that explains some of my feelings, but I also think he is a heckuva QB even if he has demonstrated some immaturity. 

    I did give McDaniels props for getting Orton who I think is better than the rep he has had. 

    The amazing thing is the turnaround on d.  As bad as they were last year, they've been great this year (even against bad teams).  And this is where another piece of the criticism of mcdaniels came from.  The d was horrible, yet mcd stockpiled running backs and then drafted Moreneau (sp?) in the first. 

    Let me just say it now makes no less than perfect sense why I am sitting on my couch typing this while Mcd is getting his team ready to play the pats.  He's done a phenomenal job from getting players to buy in (even amidst the brandon marshall issues, which may have actually helped), to picking the right staff (nolan has done a great job).  

    Mcdaniels may actually be the one to change fortunes of former Belichick assistants. 

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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    I love how in order to have a civilized discussion in this forum, you have to do it under the title "OK Weather in Denver."

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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    Hey, the weather will give the Pats a home town feel, won't it?  They expect to be playing in cooler weather this time of year and are ready for it.  Take the crowd noise out, they are in NE weather.

    As for the game itself, the Pats have improved week after week.  Obviously, many will point to the Jets loss, but, in that game, the Pats just didn't play well, the Jets were way up there, and Brady had arguably one of his worst games as a pro. The big loss here, is not having Taylor, who shows he can run up the gut.  Will we see a "dancing" Maroney, or the kimikaze guy qouted on another discussion.  If the Pats can run on the Broncos to keep them honest, this is going to be a good game.  Plus, in the Pats defense, the Broncos face a D better than what they have played to date.
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    yes, looking like mostly cloudy and upper 40's during game time. 

    i'm from Boston, but since i've moved i'm not sure i know who i'm pulling for here.  whoever plays better football, i guess - whoever seems to earn it. 

    BTW, the bronco's have no right to be 4-0.  remember that tipped pass earlier, the Immaculate Deflection ?  what's THAT doing there?  against the cushy part of their schedule they oughta be 3-1, even 2-2.  i'm saying, improved D and all, they're really not that good.
    so i don't know who i'm pulling for, but i'm expecting a pats win.

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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    Z - Indiana guy here and Weis gets no pass.  His recruiting has been fine,  but his teams have not been as competitive as they need to be or can be.
    Willingham was questioned as a hire and run out of town as quickly as possible. Yet, Weis the savior has done no better.  In fact, his best season was with Willingham's recruits.   

    good point about dimitrioff, although i was talking about coaches.  He has to be given significant credit for his ability to take the worst situation in the NFL and turn it around as he has. 
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    I will be going to the game this afternoon.... Currently the temperature is 32 degrees.  The high during the game will be highs in the mid-40's.  There will be some light wind.

    Bob Kraft was at a sports bar in Denver talking to fans...
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    In Response to Re: OK Weather in Denver:
    In Response to Re: OK Weather in Denver : In all fairness, Weiss took a lose-lose position. I guess that is still his bad, for taing a high-profile job where failure was all but assured. ND boosters want National Championships, but they won't get them wth the kind of talent they collect. It is sad, but there is no way ND can ever be truly competitive in the NCAA in the modern game unles they change their academic standards for student-athletes. But Mangini was a total bust -- twice. And Crennel looks like a guy who should have stayed as a coordinator. I think the unsung guy to come out of the program is Dimtrioff, who has made nothing but shrewd moves, taking Atlanta from an all time low, to being serious NFC contenders. I honestly doubt KC will see that kind of turn-around even. I think McD has a team that is ok talent wise executing perfectly right now. Good for him, but no team executes perfectly all season long, and their lack of punch will catch up with them outside of their division. I think Cutler has played well enough to vindicate himself in this deal, but at the same time Orton has played well enough to vindicate McD. Rare, rare, win-win for this type of move, as Chicago gets a QB that works for them, and Denver gets one too, with picks. In five weeks we will know where they stand. As it looks now, Ne needs to be concerned with a streaking team at home in a stadium that is likely the toughest to visit in the league.
    Posted by zbellino

    Agree on Dimitroff. I said after he drafted Ryan and signed Turner that he would get executive of the year and he did. His smartest off season move this year was getting a nice red zone target like Gonzalaz for Ryan to throw too. We can all whine about whether or not Gonzo is over the hill or not, but I think he's still got at least two good years in him (ie: he is not a running back).
    As for Weiss he inherited a team with mediocre players and suspect scouting (or whatever the heck they  call it in college....the things that get great HS players to sign). To some degree the jury is still out on Weiss because it's not fully his program until the 4th year when all the signees are part of his system and not Willingham's or whoever. You can make the same argument for Weiss that you made for Crennel, in that both are better co-ordinators than head coaches, but then you could have said the same about Belichick until he came to New England and starting amassing the players he wanted and needed to succeed. Call it The beatles scenario all can have good solo careers, but nothing will ever compare with what they accomplished together (belichick being Mc Cartney and Lennon !)

    Mc Daniels has great offensive mind, but I really don't believe he has the Defensive players to run a successful 3-4 base, just yet, although Elvis is proving me wrong so far. I never felt Mc Daniels got sufficient credit for the 07 offense, but that will happen when a great head coach like Belichick is around (same was true for Giants D. Parcells, and belichick). You heard Parcells name alot more than you heard Belichick's name. I am not saying that Mc Daniels will ever be as good as the master, but he'll be comparable to Shanahan leaving the 49ers's really to early to tell, but Pass DMC does have the benefit of haivng some decent offensive talent on his club (Marshall, Moreno, Royal,Scheffler and Clady) so its not like he inherited garbage like Crennel or Weiss.

    Mangini has s--ked in every HC position and I am starting to get the impression that he is the Herm Edwards of the BB coaching tree. Some teams will take a shot,  hoping that he is Belichick Junior ( essentially what the Jests did). It seems that every week Ratgini is becoming more and more despised by players and coaches alike.

    My peerless prediction this week for the neverending coaching carasal is that Wade Phillips will lose his job at the end of the season when the Cowpokes fail to make the playoffs (you can't fire the QB with the Big contract), Garrett could get the HC job.......ti's just seems like the type of move Jerry Jones would make.
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    What blows more than the wind in Denver?

    The Broncos.

    Check back in a month, and if Denver isn't 4-4, I'll mow your lawn.
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    Re: OK Weather in Denver

    Hannah -
    Weis' first year he went 9-2 before losing to Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl (?? i think).  His second year he went 10-2 before losing in a bowl against LSU.  These first 2 years were with primarily Willingham's players.  Since then 3-9, then 7-6.  These are primarily his players.  This year he is 4-1 but has played only one ranked team and lost.