Like most of you I have taken a step back to absorb what has transpired in the last two weeks to our team. This is about as far away from football as you can get going back to basic respect , morales and intergrity for human life. Its clear none of these traits where there with the topic of discussion. I think we have all met someone in our lives that we thought we knew and in the end we were mistaken. I ,  like you ,  am disappointed but not shocked by these allegations . If they hold true are a true shame where dozens of lives are ruined . I applaud the organization for distancing itself from the topic . I have followed this team for over forty years and because a said individual has made poor decisions doesnt mean I punish myself for following them. I for one think this will strength this team , after all it didnt happen in week 9. We have time to adjust and make a move or two on the fly. No one is the NFL is better at making adjustments and decisions , cutting a cord and moving forward. I hope this is a wake up call for all people , not just professional athletes as its mush easier to like or love then to hate. Adversity builds character and this Patriots team that takes the field this year will have high character guys that are a direct reflection of Mr. Kraft amd BB.The NFL can take there shots at us but the bottom line is NO ONE still looks forward to playing BB and 12...Be good all