Is it just me (a pessimist) or is anyone else very concerned that, as currently constituted, we will once again have no pass rush which, for a second year in a row, will lead to a horrible defense that can't get off the field?

Remember the good old days when we were winning Super Bowls?  We had 2 borderline HOF's in McGinest and Vrabel along with a very good Phifer playing OLB.  Our defense was dominate.

Currently we have AT, who has grossly under performed since coming to New England, Woods (an undrafted Free Agent pickup who hasn't done anything) and Crable (a second year 3rd rounder who finished the year on IR).

Hopefully I'm wrong or something changes because I'm not feeling it right now.

I bring this up after reading the other threads debating who should start Wood/Crabel.  I say neither is worthy