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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    if i where to guess i'd say the first 4 picks in no particular order will be

    DE/ LB - Burgess and Thomas might both be gone
    TE -     Watson won't return
    RB -     Question marks on Morris and Taylor
    DT or WR - we have quality but not a lot of quantity

    Through in a punter in the later rounds.

    The team will be good in 2010
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    I hope we snag 2 OLB/DEs and we cut AT.  Havent decided on Burgess yet.  We shall see how he does in the playoffs
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    sounds great! except i really think we NEED a RB too!  the pats are a RB by committee team, and 3 of our 5 backs are 30+ years old!  its time to start rebuilding the RB stable...
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    The last few years have focused further away from the football , at least 1 of each o lineman and d line and linebacker early in draft . Defense wins championships so that side of the ball needs more attention.
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    Like I said in the other draft post U can throw a dart at out team and hit an area of need. Like Hoyle said WR, quality not quantity, D, just about every, which leads me to what I hope we shoot for. Everyone on here is fired up about taking a olb, the pass rush might be our strongest need, but olb is a hard position to make the jump from college to pros. All you have to do is look at last year. Yea Cush, Matthews and Orakpo, who has only come on of late. What about Maybin, Ayers, Curry. That happens almost every year with that position, true thats the nature of the draft, but these guys come out at 230-245, I think its just real tough to judge that one. If we have the chance to get or move up a couple slots and get say Spikes or McClain Id take it in a second. Those guys look lik they can come in from jump and be possible ROY's. And Mays and Berry, IMHO, are mosdef worth jumping 10-15 slots If they fall out of the top ten. Both have shown they def can sit at the big boys table and still show unbelievable potential. Were talking Reed, T-Pol, I even see a lil of Nnamdi in Berry, and Mays is just a freak. Imagine how The Hooded One would use either one. I also like Hayden, McCoy, and Cody. One more thing, if the Pats stay put wherever they fall at mid-high twentys, what if I guy like Bryant falls to us. I was hopeing we would move up 1-2 spots and get Percy last year. Just saying Bryant could be a number one guy, not many in the nfl. I also understand rec. in the first round and in their first year dont come through most often. Like 2 hear your thoughts.
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    Not sure if U watch the Pats VAPATSFAN, but the player needs on this team are anything but cloudy. This team has specific needs that are staring us in the face.
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    I'm for grabbing a running back and then loading up on defense. All positions on defense.
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    B.B is not unpredictable, He goes with the best value. If we cant sign vince I could see us trading up and getting one of the top gap DLs in the draft.

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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    This off season is the most up in the air I have seen in years but it is that way for everyone this year.  This is basicly how I expect it to go:
    1. No CBA, 2010 is uncapped and a ton of one year deals are handed out.(something like 236 RFA's expected)
    2. Wilfork is franchised and though he hates it he will play it out and if he stays beyond 2010 he will get top dollar from Patriots to stay or take less to go elsewhere (my opinion). 
    3. Patriots like everyone else will not do long term contracts but will do whatever it takes to keep Mankins including a long term contract. (One of the few exceptions. He is future hall of famer like Hog Hannah and Bill likes his lunchpail additude.)
    4. Patriots will Draft sparingly focusing on 3 to 4 top players they will hope to get two of them and will likely move some picks to 2011 draft where they will have a derth and get more value moving up in a likely weak draft depth wise with most of the top underclassmen likely coming out in 2010.  
    5. They will likely focus on OLB/DE pass rushing specialist for a 3-4, a OT to play opposite Vollmer (let Light go), Draft a RB to add some quality youth to RB corps. And likely add a TE that will immediately have a chance to start. Beyond those 4 positions it is whoever is sitting at top of their draft board when its their turn.
    6. I expect they will sign a few pretty decent free agents to one year contracts to round out their roster and will look long term after 2010 season.

    I say all this because Kraft will not over extend in the uncertain times especially when he is one of the "players" making the decisions on future CBA. 
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    To ALL:

    In This Order, I would weigh the Pats needs with factors of the NFL Draft:

    #1  DE  ~Not ONLY do they go very early in the Draft, but MORE teams are going to 3-4 Defenses, which means that the scarcity of 6'5-6'6 280-300lb guys will be even less sparse.

    #2  OLB  ~Burgess is a Free Agent and AD is an attitude with mediocre production and a pretty HUGE cap hit next year IF still on the team, YET possibly needing 2 OLBs, a strongside and a weakside pass-rush specialist, Still falls behind the 3-4 DE because There have been greater numbers of OLBs than 3-4 DEs AND like last year, Teams are a bit "Iffy" on nabbing many smaller collegiate DEs real early on NOT knowing how these players will make that College DE-3-4 NFL OLB Positional Change (except for Vernon Gholston (LOL), These guys are usually taken not until the mid-late 1st rd picks in the teens... Finally, The NFL is getting faster with pass-happy rules, so the days and standards of Absolutely needing a 6'4 260 lb for 3-4 OLB are lowered.

    #3  RB  ~Like Fowler stated, Not only has This RB by Committee been shown not to be an adequate answer, BUT N.E. has 3 RBs in their 30's, and ZERO of those and the others have proven to be reliably productive and/or even injury-free Every-down backs...Our Running Game is at best Mediocre, at worst, a complete and total afterthought for an oppossing team's defense.

    #4  TE and/or WR  ~We desperately cannot rely solely on 2 WRS:  One, a H.O.F.(Moss), but aging "deep-threat" WR and the second (Welker), a "slot" WR who's doing EVERYTHING, and god help him, is gonna end up getting his head taken off IF He keeps catching 150 passes a year...  ALSO, Benjamin Watson is a Free Agent AND arguably a 1st rd "Bust" (considering his production vs where he was drafted).  Luckily, There is a very decent crop of Free Agent WRs this year that would make reliable #2 wideouts, and TEs have been falling pretty far in the Draft rds compared to several years prior.

    #5  OG  ~Hard for me not to place CB here as N.E. always gets decimated by DB-injuries and Leigh Bodden is a Free Agent next year who will be looking for a semi-decent contract from some team, BUT N.E. has 2 starting Offensive Guards (Neal/Mankins) that will be Free Agents...  Luckily O-Lineman is arguably the deepest position in the Draft, and very good O-Lineman always seep through the cracks to later rounds.  You probably won't be finding a franchise Left Tackle in rds 3-6, BUT If you do the scouting work, You absolutely WILL (should) be able to find at least 1 very good starting Guard.

    *final note to CB then Strongside-ILB

    Thoughts ANYONE?  
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    Re: OL,DT,LB

    It depends what's there when the Pats pick.

    I don't think anywhere is truly set except QB and possibly D-line (if they can keep Wilfork and possibly Jarvis Green)

    The most pressing needs in my view are at OLB and RB, but I think a good player could really help the team at just about any position.

    A great, well-rounded tight end could be a dynamic player in the passing game.  A great cornerback could decrease the size of the playing field.  I'd love to see a great safety fall to them, but Eric Berry is top-5 material.  A good runningback would be reliable for 15-25 carries a game and hopefully versatile enough to also help in blitz pickup and receiving.

    I wouldn't get my heart set at seeing the Pats get someone who fills a need.  That's how the Jets ended up with Vernon Gholston four picks before the Pats took Jerod Mayo - they could have had an ILB tandem of Mayo and David Harris (although as a player Bart Scott is pretty good).