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Olin Kreutz?

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    Olin Kreutz?

    Do you think he'd be an upgrade over Koppen?

    Madden video games have shown Koppen love over the years and he knows our offense inside and out at this point, but scouts haven't been so fond of him and claim that he's only above average, some going so far as to say he's a weakness.

    Olin Kreutz, who's started 9 straight seasons for Chicago making 5(?) Pro Bowls and widely regarded by shocked Bears teammates as their best lineman and a leader, was cut the other day

    You've read my posts on the importance of offensive ilne continuity being an advantage and I'll stand by those statements.

    I'm just tossing this out there because it's a slow news cycle lately.

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    Re: Olin Kreutz?

    I agree with King. But, we did sign someone who could develop nicely into a short term Koppen replacement in Morris. He started 10 games in 09' so he has some talent and with proper coaching could be a decent short term replacement if they can't develop or draft a new C before Koppens contract is up and they decide not to resign him
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    Re: Olin Kreutz?

    I don't think Belichick would make that move..Center is a very complicated position on the Pats...a lot of line calls and with the short preseason Koppen still would be the best bet
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    Re: Olin Kreutz?

    In Response to Re: Olin Kreutz?:
    Nick. Love your posts. But lets please not start using "Madden ratings" as evaluation of players. Madden ratings are meaningless in this context. Whether Koppen has a higher or lower rating is completely and absolutely irrelevant to anything outside of the video game. Olin Kreutz is widely regarded as one of the best of his era, but that era is past. He is 34. He hasn't been as great as in the past, and is really looking to go somewhere and try to win a center position. Koppen, who isn't great at anything, is a solid offensive lineman, who communicates excellently -- very key for a center. He is probably a lot better than Kreautz at this stage.
    Posted by zbellino

    I'm just saying that fan perception (video games) have rated him highly despite REAL FOOTBALL PEOPLE saying he's declined (ex-player broadcasters, scouts, inc, profootballfocus had him as middle of the pack a couple years ago before they started charging for their ratings)

    Means that people might think Koppen is good because he played next to Mankins and Neal, but scouts say otherwise

    I was only using it as a point of reference to demonstrate a discrepancy between perception and a possible weakness on the team.

    Bad taste in examples, though.  My bad
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