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OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

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    Ok...we are you said...You gonna argue that a guy had passes thrwon to him...he still has ball skills...he grabbed one right off the I dont know what game you watched...I forgot about Wilhites little pic.,.becasue guess what he gave up one too ...the one that cost us the I guess that makes him even at Zero again....The main thing is you are ignorant if you think Wilhite is better than Bodden becasue he played on Wayne....HE HAD HELP BOZO THE WHOLE 1ST HALF WE DOUBLED WAYNE..AFTER THE SECOND HALF WHEN WILHITE WAS LEFT ALONE HE GAVE UP 10 PASSED FOR 100 PLUS YARDS...SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT...THEY SINGLED UP BODDEN AND GAVE WILHITE HELP...SO IT DOESNT MEAN THEY THINK WILHITE IS BETTER....I WISH BOTH WILHITE AND BODDEN WERE FREE AGENTS NEXT YEAR SO WE COULD SEE WHO GETS A BIGGER CONTRACT....YOU MAY WATCH A LOT OF FOOTBALL BUT YOU DONT COMPREHEND EVERYTHING GOING ON OBVIOUSLY....NICE CHATTIN W/ YOU...NO MOE RESPONSE FROM ME...BUT I'LL BE HERE TILL 5 IF YOU HAVE SOME FACTS....
    Posted by patsfan76

    No response is ever required.  Apparently you don't know what the term "ball skills" means.  Look it up...  It may keep you from embarrassing yourself any further.  You don't even know football economics 101.  Those who do realize that a young, fast, with excellent ball skills (lookout there's that term again)DB with tremendous upside trumps a slower, older DB with limited ball skills come contract time.  FYI, I'm gonna contact  and see if they can incorporate the use of google or bing on highlighted words to make it easier on you to keep up... Have a nice day...
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

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    I am done talkin to Sodium..but can someone tell him the meaning of ball skills is your ability to catch a ball when it comes to you..Not all this other B.S. you are talking about....If a guy like Leigh Bodden who doesnt get thrown at as much as Wilhite can have 5 INT's and Wilhite has one....Where do you come up with the fact that Wilhite has better ball skills...what facts is he basing this on....Maybe in your opinion he is better, and I like Wilhite dont get me wrong..You are the one saying Wilhite has excellent ball skills...SO you tell me how someone with 2 career INts if that is considered to have excellent ball skills and one with 5 in one year has no ball skills...Can you really explain that or it just is what it is....WT F  is he talking about keepin up...Google??? for are the one who has posted nothing to support your erroneous statements like Springs giving up the most 1st downs this year....Its not too late to take it back,...but if you are not...then please post a stats link otherwise you are just making Ish up.... " Do you swear or affirm to tell the TRUTH , the WHOLE TRUTH , and NOTHING but the TRUTH , so help you GOD"
    Posted by patsfan76

    Stop it, you're killing me.  I told you to stop embarrassing yourself.  You're just proving that you know absolutely NOTHING about the subject you're trying to argue.  Stop it... PLEASE!!!  My healthcare plan doesn't cover "death by LMAO"
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

    Best Secondary?  LMAO!  On Paper they could be as good and better than the previous years.  Until the pats raise another banner with this unit they ain't S H I t!  The pats D has let this team down for the past three seasons.  A Pass Rush will help out our secondary a whole lot though

    1. AFC Champ Game blow lead to Colts
    2. Super Bowl agains G-men:  on the final drive 2 or three dropped INT's and three guys couldn't tackle Ely
    3. Blown coverage on 3rd and 14 in OT against the Jests with a QB who has a torn up shoulder. 

    Yes I know only Merriweather, Sanders and the W kids are the only holdovers from the previous teams

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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

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    I would say Wilhite is a poor man's Ellis Hobbs. The TD he gave up today was poor. He was in position, he saw the ball coming and he did nothing.
    Posted by ewhite1065

    Poor man's Ellis Hobbs?

    I thought Ellis Hobbs was a poor man's Ellis Hobbs.

    Wilhite . . .

    well, sure, he kinda blows, but he's just a kid and there's no reason to think he won't get better. Of course, he might not, either, but hope springs eternal and all that.
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

    We have a good secondary. It doesn't matter who the better Corner is, all that matters is they don't get burned. 
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

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    Just for Shets and Giggles,...I found the info in just a few I guess you didnt want to post it Bodden has started 9 games this year....he has 37 tackles, 12 pass deflections and 5 ints with one for a TD 8 games this year and 7 starts he has 24 tackles , 4 pass deflections, and one INT Butler almost has the same stats as Wilhite playing part time, and teams have thrown more balls towards Wilhite than Bodden,,,now tell me again how you came up with Wilhite having excellent ball skills and Leigh Bodden having no ball skills...oh and the comment you made about getting Boddens INT's thrown right at him...remember the tippy toe sideline catch against the Ravens???  that looked like ball skills, and yesterday he snatched one right off the turf...So what was you saying again!?!?   See what I just did....I just backed up what I said with facts and a see thats how we do here.....still lost??  Ok...i.e  Brandon Meriweather came into the league in 07 and dropped 4 easy pics(no ball skills), the next year he worked with the jugs..and guess what 7 INT's in the last 24 games after his rookie year..he developed ball skills....still with me??  Ok, now what was you saying now?!?!?                          
    Posted by patsfan76

    Already answered your question...  I know all about stats.  I've reviewed, it still doesn't support your theory.  Every scout, GM, coach in every form of organized football knows the meaning of ball skills MOST fans do also, but not you...
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

    Poor Man's Hobbs! OUCH! You mean the guy who, in his first preseason...guesses (wrong) and gets burned for a 70 yard TD. After the game, proceeds to tell reporters that he'd make the same play again, he's a playmaker (yeah, just for the wrong team). Belichick is then asked about the play, and Hobbs' which he said something to the effect of "He gave pu a TD...why would he make the same play?" Hobbs then was unseen until week 8.

    As for Sunday's game, I dn't think he ever saw the ball, he turned and looked, but given his reaction...I honestly don't think he ever picked it up in the air. Just my opinion. As for Reggie Wayne...seriously? You call that getting burned? Not being able to cover an elite receiver from the 4 yard line catchin passes from one of the elite QBs in league history is getting burned???? Tough critics...and he was right there...unlike Hobbs in the SB when he wasn't within 5 yards.

    I haven't even noticed Wilhite on the field enough to have any opinion of his play. This is basically his rookie year, so cut the guy some slack! Knee-jerk reactions like this would have led to the trade of Pedroia, cutting of Asante, cutting of get the point. Patience is the name of the game with young players. Always has been. We saw knee-jerk in Boston...his name was (and still is) Rick Pitino...and we all know how that turned out.
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    Re: OMG does Jonathan Wilhite ^%$#

    Is that cat fight over yet?  Imagine if the Pats lost this game...Ooph!!